Giving Birth in Cairo

We did IVF here in Cairo (I'm American, husband is Egyptian) and had a great experience with that overall. We're expecting twins after 1 try al7. I'm at 35 weeks and we've had to change doctors 3 times due to insurance changes, so I'm quite nervous as we've only seen our doctor now a few times. I will be having a Ceserean in a few weeks. I really want to hear any experience anyone has giving birth in Egypt. Please tell me how long ago and where and information you feel comfortable giving. We have been advised to use Abdel Kader alFahmy in Nasr City. It's a hospital only for women which is a plus but won't let my husband be with me during surgery. Originally, we we're to go to Queens but we're advised to go here due to their Intensive care unit (for me and babies) and on-site blood bank. Still not 100% comfortable with this choice though. Any feedback or advice is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Congratulations 🎊 you're very lucky, l I know a friend, when she was having a baby, it was at a hospital in 5th settlement, I don't remember the name but can check for you, but she said it was the easiest thing she can ever remember going to a doctor, the process the preparation was all professional easy and not expensive, plus her husband was in allowed in without a problem.

Thanks for your reply. Sure, if you can find out the name for me that would be great.

"Queens" is far better -and cleaner- than "AbdelKader Fahmy".

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