Hospitals in Cairo

Updated 2012-06-01 10:48

I've had the unfortunate experience of having to go to the emergency room in Cairo. Below is some advice on going to hospitals in Egypt. There are basically three main hospitals that everyone recommends expats go to:

Al Salam International Hospital in Maadi
Dar El Fouad in October 6th
International Medical Center on Ismailia Road

The Al Salam International Hosptial is the most widely recommended. From my experience at that hosptial the doctors are very competent. However, the facilities are very old and navigating the hosptial can be confusing. Also, the traffic is so bad around the hospital that I doubt you would get into the emergency room quickly if you called an ambulance.

If you have to go to the hospital, here are a few recommendations that should make your experience easier.
-Plan ahead. Put a card in your wallet with the name and phone number of the hospital you want to be taken to.
-Do not call the Egyptian emergency numbers. It will be faster if you provide your own transportation to the hosptial. However, if you do need an ambulance it is best to call the hospital directly and ask for one.
-Bring money, you will not receive treatment without paying. Insurance cards are often ignored.
-Ask for a hospital coodinator. These three hospitals have English speaking coodinators that can help you navigate the system and ensure you see doctors in a timely manner.
-If you have to stay the night, bring your own pajamas, towel and soap. Hospitals do not provide these items.

It is best to plan ahead. If you need additional help planning an emergency medical plan, the Community Services Association also offers medical planning workshops and advice.

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