Working in Cairo

Work in Cairo
Updated 2016-06-02 11:56

Looking forward to work in Cairo? Find, in this article, all that you need to know on its labor market.

Cairo is not only Egypt's capital but also its biggest city. Its population, to date, consists of more than 16 million inhabitants, including a large expatriate community. Indeed, Cairo is rich in professional opportunities for expatriates. So if you are looking forward to settle and work there, finding a job should not be a difficult task.

Moreover, consumption is high in Cairo, especially due to its international airport which welcomes several thousands of tourists every year.

Economy and labor market

Cairo's economy is mainly based on traditional sectors such as the steel industry, textile and the automotive industry. Other sectors such as new technologies and high technologies such as aeronautics, electronics and chemistry have also greatly developed over the years.

Note that Cairo's labor market is very competitive due to the presence of Egyptians coming from the rest of the country besides the Indeed, Cairo is deemed to be the most promising city in terms of employment. In all cases, you may apply for a job in any sector, whether it is more or less open towards the recruitment of foreigners. You just have to remember that every year thousands of young engineers integrate the labor market following their studies.

You should therefore try your luck in sectors where foreign expertise is much required, such as tourism.

Find a job

Word of mouth is with no doubt one of the best ways of finding a job in Cairo. Many expats also prefer to register with a recruitment agency to have more chances of finding a job according to their profile. In all cases, networking will greatly help if you have friends or contacts on the spot.

Make sure to write your resume and cover letter in English when sending spontaneous job applications to companies operating in the city. However, local companies are not yet used to the concept of dynamic resumes. Hence, you are advised to send a simple and plain resume and cover letter. Make sure to inquire with the company in which language you should send your job application before proceeding.

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