Women: about eyelash extensions....

I'm considering starting an eyelash extension business but don't know if there would be a market for it....anyone have any thoughts?

They're really popular in the US right now but I don't know if people would be interested here :/ Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I have desperately been looking for someone that does this here and have only found 2 places, one in maadi and the other one 'unknown' as she doesnt answer her phone! I think it would be a good idea for foreigners, but ive noticed egyptians do have stunning eyelashes. I think it would be a pretty good idea as its not offered that much here. Hope this info helps, and im very interested in being your client!

I would be interested!


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Please check this place worldofeyelashescairo.weebly.com  the best place so far where you can have your eyeylash extensions done. These are stylists from Europe.