working chances in plastic surgery centers in cairo

Hello this is avara center Hr our center is prestigous plastic surgery center in cairo we are looking to hire good looking gurls to work with us if you are intersted call us on



[email protected]

Our website

Looking to hear from you

Np we will provide you with educational materials and tranning needed

Plastic surgery?????????????
Very interesting situation!!!!!!!!
My opinion about working in this branch is " YOU MUST BE A SURGEON, AN ART CREATOR", to create beauty for other.
So, if I come to be operated in your center, I will find these girls with provided materials, good looking ones, girls I mean.
As a customer, I am interested and I pay for a doctor, good looking or not, not important this.
Which owner ( of this plastic surgery) invests and pays for a staff that produce for customers only provided materials? :unsure   
  And... what services these good looking girls provide :rolleyes: ? I think it is nice to specify, a good looking girl cannot apply for an " unknown position" :shy

Thanks for your notice

The jobs are technicians who operate some skin and body care machines in our medspa section they will be trained to operate on the devices on the cleints and sure they will be under full supervision of medical stuff

AAAAAAAAAAAA, so must be technicians, not only " good looking"!
If they are not good at all at technical problems,...they could burn customer skin.
You know, finally, this " ad" sounds like " searching for personal assistants"...I hope the good looking girls understand me better if they read the topic.
Have a good night!

what a very nice website!! NOT! no information at all on it, not even an address, only a stupid blinking green light, my eyes still hurt! But apparently the center exists, here you can find the address: … earch.html

also nice if you put the salary.

The site is fully working in arabic language

The center is multibranched famous center located in
68 aboelmahasan el shazly behind el pallon theatre el agouza
41 el khalifa el mamoon street roxy square
30 rashid street of el arouba in front of meridian hotel

Salary is according to your educational level personal skills learning capabilities and will be only after interviewing but its rewarding plus bonus

So, the salary doesn t depend on " good looking"?
You didn t ask any level of education in your post.

Valibilic would you plz stop critisizing my post if you have questions you would have find a nicer way to ask it
Thanks for stoping the bothering

can't you give us a range for the salary? and will you apply for a work visa?

Hi avara,

Could you please post your advert in the Cairo classifieds > job section? Thank you.

I mean from a psychological point of view I can understand why this mr wants ''good looking'' women/men... no offence to tha sistahood over here. Maybe next time the add could be a little more professional. Hope you find some one for the job.