Leisure in Cairo

Leisure in Cairo
Updated 2016-06-02 09:53

What can you do in Cairo during your leisure time? Find out how to keep yourself busy in the Egyptian capital city in this article.

If you are moving to Cairo, you are probably wondering how to keep yourself busy during your leisure time. The Egyptian capital city needs no introduction thanks to its great historical and cultural heritage. By moving there, you will not only discover its numerous places of interest but also enjoy several hotels, parks, gardens, etc. You should definitely take the time to explore these during your stay in Cairo.


Cairo is above all famous for its great cultural heritage. Indeed, you are likely to find many places such as the Egyptian Museum, the Midan Ramsès, the Midan Opera, the Islamic Art Museum, the Coptic Museum, mosques, pyramids, etc. Most of these are open to the public. Dropping by is a must if you wish to learn more about the historical side of Egypt, as well as other themes.

The capital city also hosts foreign cultural centers including a media center and halls hosting shows, festivals, conferences and other media related events.


Cairo is also famous for its shopping alleys and avenues. Indeed, you are likely to find all types of shops in the area: clothing, local products, food, local cuisine, jewelry, accessories, etc. As you wander around the city, you will also find several medieval markets such as the Khan-el-Khalili. Beside these, the city also hosts many huge modern shopping malls.


Restaurants are almost an essential part of the local lifestyle and habits. You will thus find many local and international restaurants in Cairo, offering namely Moroccan, French, Italian and Chinese cuisines. You will simply be delighted! And if you wish to discover the Egyptian cuisine, you will not be disappointed.


Whether you have moved to Cairo alone or with your partner or family, nothing could be better than strolling around the city in their company, or even with your friends. Temperatures are ideal in January, ranging between 15 and 21°C. You can thus spend an afternoon relaxing in a garden or park to escape your daily routine.

During the week-end, why not take your children, if you have any, to the Victoria College Square in the Maadi area. You are likely to enjoy all types of games for all ages. Moreover, baseball matches are often held there in an exotic setting to the great delight of expats.

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