Transportation in El Rehab City

Updated 2012-06-01 09:45

Transportation can seem limited when you live out in Rehab City. Here are a few things I figured out.

Taxis in El Rehab:
It is difficult to hail a taxi in Rehab since there are very few taxis. Drivers who know the area best tend to be use their personal cars as independent drivers. Therefore, the best thing to do is collect cell phone numbers of a few drivers and call ahead when you need a ride. Rides generally cost about 5 pounds anywhere in Rehab.

For rides outside of Rehab, the cheapest way is to call City Cab. Their call center has English speakers. Plus they use meters, so you don't need to barter over prices. As a bonus they have seat belts and air conditioning! The downside of using them is that you can't just hail one in Rehab and it takes them a while to drive out of the city. It is best to call a few hours ahead and make a reservation. Their number is: 16516

El Rehab Buses.
The bus system in Rehab is cheap (less than 3 pounds) and the buses are clean. However, buses schedules and their routes seems sometimes confusing. What I basically understand is that there are 5 different routes that all eventually end up at bus terminal Gate 13. Depending on where you need to go, you might have to transfer buses. There is also a bus from Rehab to Heliopolis that goes near the City Stars Mall. You can catch this bus at the bus terminal at Gate 13.

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