Jobs in Cairo for English???

Hi, I am returning to Cairo in January and am looking for a good job. I would prefer working with other English people. I have childcare qualifications and have had a couple of interviews in Nursery's in Cairo for english teacher but this seems too big of a leap for me, especially as I speak very little arabic, and the salary in terms of how hard the job actually is and the hours i would work was very little. Yes I know this is common in all of Egypt but I know there are places that would pay more for this.

Does anyone know where I could start looking or know of any jobs available? Upon my return I will be living in Giza.

Thanks for any help.

Hello Julie,

Based on my experience with English people in Cairo. I recommend that you google the multinational companies in order to find a comfort place to work in.

specially that most of multinational companies are running with english language as an official language which means you will not suffer with arabic language :D

On the other hand, you can register in websites like linkedin and join egyptian groups
also you can register at website called Bayt

one more thing, if you interested to work at telecommunication company as supervisor or call center. then i might be able to help :)


hey Mrs. woolf, check this It is Harvest British College for teaching English Courses. It is located at Dokki. Call: 01221053287

job agency there is many job agencies that heir foreigners in egypt
i hope you find the best job

I'm a native English speaker living Nasr City. With extensive experience in Customer Service work.

You can start at Vodafone U.K. The place is in Guiza, smart village. I believe that they pay well.

Best of luck

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send me a message please

why don't you try contacting barclays in egypt ? or any other banks ???
you have experience , and they will apprciate that.
send them your CV ... may be it may take some time , but you may get good news.
wishing you all the best :)