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nice thx

Good luck for all!

.. good luck for what ?

re: your comment above: "Good luck for what" and elsewhere: "Come on !"


Julien: I feel your  pain. And, wonder if you may share your superhuman energy source - to stay sane.

'Stay Calm and ... remember to break something later'

Keep up the good work moderators. Good job ! Thanks, Tim

on your topic, find one of the comments by the troll and click the"report" option. Fill in the reason and send.
a team member will deal with the troll accordingly.
the team are discreet and you will not receive any notification or I said, they are very discreet. I have reported several"unpleasantries". Don't worry about it, just do it.


sounds easy enough :)

"Please keep in mind that Expat-blog is not a dating or matchmaking service. Do not post forum topics either seeking or offering a romantic relationship."

Sure, sounds easy enough, to bad though that most of these Egyptian men don't abide by this rule! The number of times a had to report and/or block people here (or for that matter fb and twitter etc.) is innumerable! #whatiswrongwithegyptianmen

good luck for all

Hi Samira,

While topic postings are public for all to see, and thus will be seen by moderators sooner or later it's always better to report them. Since the report will immediately pop up on the moderator's screen for quicker attention.

The private message system is quite different however, since nobody sees your messages but you. If you receive a private message that is objectionable in any way it is absolutely critical that you use the ACTION button (that appears on the "Conversation with  XXXXXX" line) and click on REPORT, fill out the information in the drop-down window and click OK. This will send a copy of the conversation string and your report to the immediate attention of someone on TEAM. Your complaint will be analyzed and the appropriate action will be taken. This can range from a warning, to temporary ban or a permanent ban of the offending member.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

well noted!

Thank you


You are true...

Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum looking forward to meeting with new friends.

Welcome bro :cheers:


very clear...nice work

Since joining I've been inundated with men wanting to know about my personal life in the guise of finding out information.  As explained above it's not a dating site so please do not spam me I get enough of that on Facebook and this I thought was for expats to Egypt not locals looking for a connection?  Just saying it gets very boring!



@fagkorigjr  I agree with you 100%. I regretted joining almost immediately. It's pretty gross. I entered looking for a specialized doctor regarding a medical condition. And soon enough, men were sending messages and getting weird. If I wanted to join a dating site I would have! I was disappointed and I was not expecting it at all. I wonder if the men get harrassed the same way?  I don't think so. Thank you for sharing this and I hope that the message is loud and clear now- for  members  to respect the guidelines and

abide by this code of conduct.

Hello everyone,

Welcome Amy T,

If you face any trouble or if you receive any unsolicited message, please report them. Just above a private message, you have the ACTION button and block option as well.