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Do you need a visa to travel to Egypt? Which type of visa best suits you? Find out more about relating conditions in this article.

Visas are compulsory for anyone who wishes to travel to Egypt. So if you are planning to move there, whether to live or work, or as a tourist, you are advised to inquire on all relating conditions and formalities well in advance. Note that fees apply to the visa application.

The visa can be requested either from the Egyptian diplomatic mission in your home country or on your arrival into the country, either at the airport or at the port. Some diplomatic missions even provide secure online application facilities, but this practice is not yet widespread.


To apply for a visa, you have to produce your identity card, but the passport is highly recommended. You will also need two passport-size identity photos. Foreign nationals residing in a foreign country are also required to produce their resident permit along with their identity documents.

Fees of some 25 euros apply to the visa application and have to be paid in cash at the consulate or embassy. In case you are applying for the visa upon your arrival in Egypt, fees of 15 euros will apply. Note, however, that you will obtain a single-entry visa which does not allow you to work, unless it is mentioned clearly on the document.

Visa extension

In general, the Egyptian visa can be used until three months following its issue date. However, it is valid for a month only. To apply for a visa extension, you have to call at the Immigration Office in Cairo.

 Good to know:

Make sure to inquire about the Immigration Office's opening hours beforehand as these are quite particular, especially during the Ramadan period (from 10 am to 1 pm).

Resident permits

There are other types of residence permits in Egypt besides the tourist visa. You can thus choose between the temporary resident permit, that is the long-stay visa, and the permanent resident visa. The temporary residency permit applies to foreign nationals who wish to stay in Egypt beyond the period authorized by a simple tourist visa to students and temporary workers.

The permanent resident permit, for its part, is intended for the self-employed, young entrepreneurs and to family reunification candidates.

Long-stay visa

Application for the long-stay visa can be made at the Egyptian consulate or embassy in your home country, as well as on the spot when requesting an extension of your visa for three months or a year at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


You may have to pay a fine in case your visa has not be renewed. Moreover, you will have to undergo a compulsory HIV test when applying for a long stay visa.

Resident visa

If you are planning to live and work in Egypt for an indefinite period, you should apply for a resident visa at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This visa can be issued within at least a month. In fact, your employer will have to fill in related formalities so as to obtain a work permit on your behalf.

 Good to know:

This visa is compulsory in the case of permanent expatriation, especially if you are planning to ship your belongings and buy a car on the spot.

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