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Hi been living in hurghada now for a year in April 2020. Have visa until 19th April but have lived for 1 year here without returning to uk, on the 5th April. People keep telling me I have to leave the country for 1 day after 1 year but to me this sounds ridiculous as my visa will not be up and then i shall have to get a re entry visa on return.
Also,I am now 62 and people are saying that you dont need a visa after 60 y.o.a and can stay in Egypt as long as you want. I have written to all government officials in Egypt and even to John Kenny at the British Consulate Hurghada via his Facebook page where he says he welcomes questions, but havent received a reply from anyone. If anyone here has the correct information (not just chinese whispers or hearsay) then please reply to this message. T.I.A

Information keeps changing, and no two people's cases are alike.
Even the embassies can't give a direct answer.  Before, anyone over 60 would not require a visa when they need to leave.  In some cases, they do. There's a forum on Facebook that can provide answers to anything you need to know regarding these specific questions if you have facebook. Albeit, they're not in the habit of repeating themselves because people keep asking haha.

I would contact your Embassy in Cairo. I still have to get an entry and exit visa even though I have lived here for 14 years and have been married to an Egyptian for nearly 12 years.

Hi, I just renewed mine a few months ago.  Over 60.  The embassies don't always know.  I just went to the Passport, Emmigration and Nationality Administration.  New procedures are in place.

Good luck.  Everything changes.

Salaam, everyone

I am over 60 and how do you apply for the over 60 visa in the USA.

There is talk stating you must have a few shots to come to come to Egypt now one is for rabid dogs?

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Hi all
This a reply for all visa queries in Egypt
You can get answers to your questions by contacting the ""

Best of luck

There is no such website "". I have also tried starting with "www" and with different endings like "", ".com", etc. No luck. Even Google search on "egyptianimmigration" does not deliver any useful results.

Are you sure about your recommendation?

I'm really sorry that didn't work for you
Please try the address below instead ? conta...
Contact us - Egypt eVisa
In Egypt · Address: Cornich El Nile, Ramelt Beaulac, North Tower, Nile City Towers, 22nd Floor, Cairo, 11624. · Tel :  1 917 397 7487 ...

I hope you find it useful
Best of luck

Okay, thank you, this address works now.

Just to avoid confusion, here is something copied from the "About us" section of this website:
"Egypt Immigration Services Limited is a commercial website. We are not the Embassy/Consulate or the representative of Egypt Government."

I have not found any information about the subject "Visa for over 60s" on the above website. But perhaps I have overlooked it. So I am grateful for any hint leading to this information, thank you.

Best regards,

I have just seen your post about Egypt Visas for over 60. Did you ever have any luck with a definitive answer or online information. Did ANYONE have any luck with a definitive answer or online information.

I am a property owner and 65 now and having to leave the country every year. This means locking up the apartment where we have lived for thirteen years, putting our dog in kennels, flying to Turkey, flying back, covid tests and new visa application payment every year. It is very tiring and inconvenient and seems pointless.

Did you ever have any luck with a reply or reliable information from any government source about this matter?
Thank you

I just have the experience that I was once sent to the immigration office at Cairo airport because the lady at the passport control said that my visa was expired and I had to pay a fine. I went there and explained that I thought there was no expiration if one was over 60. The guy looked at me, checked my birthdate in the passport and said it was my fault because I just look like 50... ;-)
To make a long story short: I didn't have to pay anything and the lady at the passport check apologized with a smile after she had also checked my birthdate... 
The answer is that officially everyone needs a visa. However once over the age of 60 overstay fees will be waived. So you'll need to purchase a visa to enter but won't be charged if you overstay. However you could have a problem with your mobile phone provider without a valid visa, obtaining driving license, etc. 
There is a big difference between don't need and no action taken if you don't have. Hope this helps x
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