Dependent Visa process for Egypt


I got a project in Egypt and I am currently in Egypt. My client has applied for my work permit 3 weeks back. I am expecting to get my work permit stamped in my passport in next 2 weeks. I want to apply dependent Visa for my wife. The client is not very sure about the whole process. I will appreciate if someone can guide me with following queries.
1. Can I apply for dependent visa for her in Egypt embassy in India i.e. dependent visa will be stamped in India itself. Also, if someone can share process for same, it will be great.
2. Will she get only entry visa in Egypt embassy in India and once she arrives in Egypt I need to get her dependent visa stamped.

Work permits given at embassy are temperory entry visas for 3 months. Very important is you getting the work permit in Egypt from ministry of labour and the security clearance from the ministry - which is done in a place called Mugamma (central office). If you have work permit - any dependent will not have an issue till the time you prove your relationship on documents ( marriage certificate, her name in your passport as wife etc).
Once in Egypt you will extend the work permit twice for 6 months each and the annual work permit will be renewed. Investor visas are for 3 to 5 years for which the eligibility is different.
Egypt is a great country to be in. Wish you all the best.

Hi Sachin,

Your reply is very helpful for me to be clear about the process. I do have marriage certificate. I have following 2 more queries related to Visa.
1. Do I need to get marriage certificate attested by Egypt Embassy in India.
2. I have not got my passport renewed after marriage so I still don't have spouse name in my passport.

Also, happen to have an accident few days back and really don't have very good impression of Egyptian Docs. Currently getting treatment from Dar Al Fouad hospital. Your profile name suggest that you are a doctor.

I read your other posts. I am staying in Dreamlands, 6th October city. I guess you are living nearby. I hope if you can spare some time, I will be delighted to meet you. Have whole lot of queries.


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