Traveling to Egypt

Traveling to Egypt
Updated on 02 June, 2016

Planning to travel to Egypt? What are the relating formalities and conditions? Find out in this article.

If you intend to travel to Egypt, you will probably start by inquiring on relating formalities. You should know, above all, that all foreigners need a visa to be allowed into the country. Application has to be made at the nearest Egyptian embassy or consulate to your place of residence in your home country. Make sure to be in possession of all required documents.


Foreign nationals holding an identity card may travel to Egypt with it along with two original passport-size identity photos. However, you are rather advised to travel with a passport so as to avoid any possible hurdles.


Whether you are traveling to Egypt with your identity card, with your passport or visa, the document must be valid for more than six months following your scheduled return date. Finally, requests for extension of visa must be made at the Mogamma, that is the Immigration Office in Cairo.


Note that you are not allowed to work in Egypt with a tourist visa. The tourist visa is valid for a maximum of one month. Therefore, to be allowed to live and work, you will have to apply for a resident visa at the Egyptian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The work permit, for its part, is requested by the employer and is an essential document for all foreigners who wish to work in the country. Procedures can be quite long. In general, you are required to produce the following documents:

  • your tourist or resident visa
  • 7 passport-type identity photos
  • 2 copies of your professional certificates and diplomas
  • 2 copies of your marriage certificate in case you are married to an Egyptian national
  • 1 certificate proving that you are not suffering from HIV/AIDS issued and legalized by a diplomatic representative of Egypt in your home country.


Entry conditions in Egypt are often subject to amendments. You are therefore advised to inquire about these with the nearest diplomatic representative of Egypt in your home country a few months before traveling there.

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