orfi marriage? or whatever to stay with Christian Egyptian man

I am Japanese woman and I wanna know if I can stay with my Egyptian Christian man in Hurghada Egypt. I contacted with an apartment owner in Hurghada and she said its easy and no problem as long as we get an orfi license. She said all we need is my pass port, his ID and 300 egyptian pound at the lawyer's place and everything will be finished within 5mins. Also, those lawyer's places are everywhere. BUT my man believes that orfi marriage are for muslim people and not for christians even this apartment owner said that its also for christian people. I have tried to research of this online but I can't find any clear answer. I also don't know which lawyer place I should contact to ask. Anyone knows any infos?

I think yes
It's for Muslims only

Try this

https://dailynewsegypt.com/2007/02/18/o … tic-style/

It's all up to you, but it's probably a bad idea.

ahmedkamel011 wrote:

Hello makik San.

I'm married to Japanese and we live in Japan.
Let me answer your question, urfi marriage is not good as it's just an excuse to have sex outside marriage. Like dating in Japan but legally, since sex is not legal in Egypt.

As for Christian people or Muslim people, urfi is the worst idea.
If you need a visa, urfi marriage will not get you the visa. He should get married to you normally in Cairo to get it. It takes 3 days to finish the process.
Again, I wouldn't go with that option unless you want to spend sometime with him privitly in a legal way.
Please let me know if you need help.

Hi Ahmed
Thank you for your reply and I hope your life is good in Japan.
I understand your point, but I am not looking for marriage with my egyptian partner right now.
We have a plan for future together and  of course we are planning to get marry legally in future but NOT now.
For now, we are thinking to spend time together, come and go or go somewhere else together.
Yes its exactly like you said its like dating in Japan.
As you know already, dating a lot before marriage is normal in Japan, but I know its not in Egypt.
So I wonder if we can spend time together in Egypt or not. We were believing that its hard in Egypt but one apartment owner in hurghada told me that its so easy with an orfi license like I explained above.
We are so surprised what this apartment owner said, because we were believing that orfi  is only for muslim people and not christian egyptian and my man is still believing that its only for muslim people so now I am here to find out the truth.
I wanna ask you that christian egyptian man can get a orfi with me and we can spend time together in Egypt? If its yes then do you know how to do it?
Thank you!

Yes dear, orfi marriage is for muslims only. However, as an adult, you can live freely as you like with anyone

nadnag73 wrote:

Yes dear, orfi marriage is for muslims only. However, as an adult, you can live freely as you like with anyone

How? They will get arrested if they agains the law.

From middle eastern gentlemen I have chatted with, so subject to error as this is only their opinion.

Orfis are for Muslims, commonly used so men can use women they consider to be whores and/or stupid for sex without being arrested. I understand, sexist though it is, ladies engaged in such marriages are seen as slightly posher than normal prostitutes.

I have also heard this opinion from gentlemen in Malaysia and Indonesia.

I gather such marriages generally keep the cops away from Muslims who engage in them.

Sounds all a bit strange, I am married to an Egyptian, Egypt is def. not free to do as you wish. I must show my wedding certificate to stay at a hotel. Is he Coptic christian?  I would have though he could phone a few hotels and tour companies and get the answer. as a foreigner you will probably chase your tail a bit if you try. I understand Japaneseculture and is very different.... I would get him to find the solution from fam, friends, hotels and tour companies.

Your friend is right Orfi marriage is only for muslim people and you have to think before embarking on anything like that. If you marry orfi you might be asked to convert to islam first which is done by saying the shehada ( which are only 2 sentences then you are considered muslim. Once you convert it is not allowed to re-convert to your own religion. The choice is yours. I think (not very sure) that living together is allowed). Even if you are a muslim you are not allowed to marry a christian man, whereas a muslim man can marry a christian woman. Religion in Egypt is a very serious matter. Do your search before making any step. Good luck


there's no orfi marriage for christian ur man is right it's for Muslims and forget it about it if u want be legal staying wiz him in same place your should marry him as a Civil marriage and ask a lower is better than to do anything illegal

An  Orfi marraige is not legal  to begin with and  you do not have to pay.
These lawyers are scamming you
  If you look on line you can find this form and just print it off .

But no resepctful women would do this.

Its just a fake marriage contact just to   do so that the cops will not harass you and that you will be able to be out with your boyfriend with out any problems . If the guy cares for you why not just make it legal . and do a  real marriage

Orfi marriage is acceptable to the Egyptian authorities and allowed for both Muslims and Christians but there is a huge legal debate because it doesn't give the births resulting from it the same rights as for those born from official marriage especially in Inheritance. This without mentioning the inferior view of Egyptian society for both parties to common-law marriages, especially the wife, will be subjected to many harassments, whispering, and blaming, which will appear stronger when the Orfi marriage document is presented.
Orfi is like a licensed mistress that's why it was originally found.
If you want a guaranteed marriage go to the department of justice and ask about the foreigners marriage office and they will ask you for your papers- both of you of course- and they'll give you a date to come and finish your papers and that's an official marriage that's your best solution otherwise don't bother making Orfi because its existence is like not.

actually its not. Its against the law. No respectful women would do this and the women that do they are considered easy or prostitutes .

The orfi marraige is fake  . Its only so that  the cops do not harass you. It makes the man not responsible for anything. I dont know about christian law  but in muslim law its considered haram . Its a temporary marraige  that according to Mohammed  was forbiden  But anyway  Its illegal

If you are Christian, you should know that our laws are written on the heart by the evidence of the Holy Spirit not by man. As a Christian, I have stayed in many homes with male companions and never circum to sexual temptation. Do not allow those that are not of your faith to condemn you! We know that God sees all, there is nothing hidden from Him even the intention of our hearts. Its amazing that "they" are so anxious about Orfi this and orfi that, when the men regularly disrespect women and neglect their wives and watch porn hub like its going out if style (married and non-married alike). Now stick that in your hypocritical pipe and smoke it!

I completely agree. 👍

Hi Makik..

1- Orfi marriage equlas nothing in front of law.
2- Maybe in private apartments, in some small hotels, maybe they can accept it (illegally), but it stays in Egypt is nothing.
3- No legal solution for what you're looking for.. Just the legal marriage.
4- As I know in Christianity the divorce is very hard, and here in Egypt there's no civilian marriage, nor a civilian divorce,, so, if you'll get a legal marriage it will be very very hard to get a divorce if you want.
5- The Orfi marriage with a contract, you can get it online as just a paper you both sign it, it can be for any religion. It's just an illegal paper.
6- As it's illegal, though, it may be accepted in some places (illegally), you can go out with it together in any place, but you'll be in an illegal situation in any place and you could get annoyed and harassed by many ppl, coz in Egypt ppl don't accept this situation in the public.

So, it's up to you..

I hope you got what I meant.

That's true 👍

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