Average pay for foreign teachers in Cairo?

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I have received a job offer for a school in Cairo and am wondering if it is a decent salary. Are there any teachers out there who can help me? Without saying the name of the school, what is the salary range for teachers? I don't want to be tacky and discuss money as I know it is a bit hushhush but I just need to make such I'm not accepting a ridiculously low salary.

Thanks for all you help!

Also- included in the deal is a significant housing allowance and insurance


Average salary for expat teachers & foreigners differ on many factors..

1) Are you going to work for international or local school?
2) Are you still in your home country and get an offer while you are in your country to reallocate in Egypt or you are already in Egypt and  just want to work as teacher
3) Are you certified teacher & which grade "age group" you are willing to teach?
4) what is the subject you are willing to teach?

The issue there is no average salary for jobs in Egypt specially teaching - either for locals or foreigners. So you can't compare  any school salary package with another but you can decide if what you would get is enough for you to live good life or not and also to know if what you would get would allow you to save money and have money or no.

For example a teacher in the British council (teaching English language) is paid 6000 EGP monthly (equal 900 USD) and she pay 3000 EGP for rent (she live 5 min walk from her work place) and the rest of her expenses is around 1500 EGP and she already save around 200 USD every month and she had been living here in Egypt for 2 years and accept it but not happy..

Another teacher working in international school in Maadi (she is German teaching her native language to kids) and receive 4000 EGP monthly salary pay 2500 EGP for rent and live 20 min far her work place.. she don't save money and every week she travel and spend amazing time had been living here in Egypt for 3 years and also love it she feel Home in Egypt while don't feel the same in Germany..

So you are the one who can decide if what you would get enough for you or not..

If you need real help contact me with more details and i would be pleased to give you my own experience and feedback to insure you the best experience in Egypt.

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There are a lot of International Schools in Cairo and some are much more legit than others.
There is only a small handful of decent ones really and some pay very well (30,000 GBP a year, transport, accomodation, medical insurance, flights), some less (20,000 GBP) and some are just plain ridiculous.
Do not accept a salary in EGP as you will lose money.
feel free to PM me if you want more details.
Good luck!

My mom works at a British school and the teachers there receive offers while in the UK and are willing to relocate to Egypt. Starting salary is around GBP 1000 a month with a 10% raise every year (accommodation, transportation, insurance and flights are paid by the school). They are all certified teachers in the UK, so if you are too (in the US, of course), I wouldn't advise you to settle for anything less. There are plenty of International and American schools in Cairo which are willing to pay very decent salaries to US teachers.
Good luck!

HI. I am considering moving to Egypt in the next 2 years and interested in getting to know about the field of teaching. I am in the process of getting certified to teach abroad and would like to know what opportunities are awaiting for me.

Would appreciate any help.

thanks for the info!

Gladys- I would recommend getting in touch with an agency/recruiter. Some good ones are seekteachers.com, teachaway.com, teachanywhere.com. There are also services that you can pay for like TIEonline.com and search associates.

Good luck!

I would confirm on Maria's post as I have an Egyptian friend who isn't a certified Teacher getting 10000 LE, while have other British Certified Teacher was getting 20000 LE.

my friend is working in a school in maadi and her salary is almost 18000 EGP per month

depends on your experience and nationality. Entry level is 3500 LE per month for an English teacher. it just goes up from there depending on your experience. The international schools are the best salaries.

it all depends upon ur own qualifications :)

Salaries vary a lot - do not accept a poor salary because you willbe treated accordingly.

I would warn anyone against working at Pyramid International School in Haram. Dreadful, and impossible to get paid on time etc.

Hello, could you please be as kind as to give me some names of reputable schools to work in. I read your article and it sounds very hands on to me. Be blessed

I'm not certified i have a degree in political science and im an american citizen, can I still work as a teacher?


Can you send your email please , we are seeking for teachers in Egypt

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Hi I am interested in your vacancy. Can you give me more details please?

Hello good people. I am a young Zimbabwean lady aged 24 and a holder of a Bachelor of Social Work Honours Degree. I am looking for a job. I am an asylum seeker here in Egypt and I'm willing to take any legal job to sustain a living here. I have United Nations card for my asylum seeker registration. Thank you so much to those who will help

may I kindly ask you if that friend of yours has a native accent or just a teacher because I am considering a job offer in an international school in Maadi

How can i learn and practice english here ?

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What is average? I am an American in an American school. I only get paid 6,000 egyptian pounds monthly. This school has only been open for four years.

:nothappy:  that sounds so low how does a month go by in 6K

For sure its more then 6,000 specially as you are native English speaker,even in call center you would earn more..for what age group are you teaching,is it international school, do you have any prior teaching experience?

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