syndicate card


I just got a job here in Egypt, and I need to present the o called Syndicate Card. Does anyone know what this is and where can I get one?

I would very much appreciate your help!


For some professions, the profession is "regulated" or "syndicated" which means you need a permit from this profession's syndicate - even if you are an Egyptian citizen - to work in this field.

Examples include doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, veterinarians (namely any medical profession), journalists, lawyers, engineers ..... etc.

To get the card you need to contact your profession's syndicate to obtain the necessary approvals. If you are not Egyptian and/or not a graduate of an Egyptian university, it may be more complicated, but not impossible (You'd need to notarize your degree and get a document from the Supreme Council of Universities that it is equivalent to a local degree in the same major) .....

Also for some professions the syndicate limits - or bars altogether - licenses for non Egyptians .... such as the Doctors syndicate which bars foreigners (except Palestinians and some very special cases) from practicing medicine in Egypt.

Let me know what is your prospect job and I'd try to contact the syndicate for you for further information

Thanx Egyptian! And to the private messages as well. You really helped me out!