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I have moved to Cairo, Egypt with my husband who is Egyptian. I graduated university one year ago as a adult nurse and I was just wondering if I am able to get a nursing job in cairo but I only speak English and I'm a newly qualified nurse. Also if I am able, what are conditions like for nurses here? What is the salary like?

Thanks in advance!

Some hospitals such as dark el Foad and Saudi German hospital hire foreign nurses

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hii darcy i want to offer you job but where you are living in cairo

Can u offer me a job please

Justify100 :

Can u offer me a job please

Are you a nurse ??

I’m a paediatric nurse from the uk looking for work I live in Cairo anyone point me in the direction of finding working I have nearly 10 years experience

I am a managing director of one of the private sector hospitals in Cairo.
We have a vacant managerial nursing post
If you are interested,  please contact me for further details

Dr. Saber

[at]Dr Saber

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Dear please note that i am looking for a nurse to help my mother who is an old lady. please let me know if you are still interested to work as a nurse. awaiting your reply.

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