where to find house maids in maadi

Hi ,i've moved in Maadi 3 weeks ago ,and as you know,now i have a lot of questions about many things.First of all i have 3 years old daughter and i am looking for good nursery,and what are the prices?.Than i need informations about where and how much you pay for house maid just for cleaning 5 days per week about 6 hours a day?thanks a lot for helping me.

sesame club nursery maadi good nursery. 02 27508127

Hi maam im from Phil.please call me in 01000379275...i can help u with that problem.Even in nirsery school.irish school is perfect for u.im from a diplomat family b4 but thier Living  for good.now im looking for job as nanny or cleaner .i have my recommendation from my boss.thanks

hi Marina if you are hiring a cleaner you reach me on my mobile number 01156982931..i live in maadi too..nice to meet you soon...

hi mam am sudanese looking for baby sitting and house keeping i have my refrences contact me at 01155920572

u need to ask ur doorman i guess

the Irish nursery is the best in Maadi and it has two locations , it's almost the best nursery in Egypt among with the German nursery

hi u still looking a cleaning i have friend just call this number 01156982931 thank"s

:) hi maam good pm.welcome to egypt.i want to know if you still in need of  a nanny and a house cleaner.im interested please contact me I a a reference to show you from my boss.Shes a diplomat but Last year Shes leaving for good...my contact is  01000379275..im a filipina.Thnk you

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Hi maam if you are still looking for a house maid please contact me 01143735796 am also living in maadi and I would like to work for you..thanks

Do u still need a house maid  in maadi ?

Hi madam have u found ur house keeping?

Good morning madam ,I leave in maddi  And I have experience in cleaning and babyseating ,if u will like to work for u here is my number***

i want a female whom can cook at my restaurant

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