Warning to expats with pets about embezzling veterinarian

Warning to expats with pets about embezzling veterinarian
Updated 2010-11-15 12:01

WARNING to expats with pets in Cairo: Dishonest veterinarian in Maadi Area may cheat you when you want to travel with your pet.

As an expat, you might suddenly find yourself in a situation where you must leave Egypt. You may have a pet you want to bring with you to the next country. If you want to take your pet to e.g. the EU area, your veterinarian must among other things prepare an official analysis certificate from an EU approved laboratory. For other countries, there will be other rules.

The story in brief:

In November 2009, we think we are leaving for Saudi Arabia by the end of the year. We approach a veterinarian in the Maadi Area, who charges us 1000 LE to prepare analysis certificate from local laboratory + health certificate. Through the period, also other vaccinations etc. were done to the dog, and were paid separately. However before we received any result from this, plans were changed, and instead we expected to go to Europe. No problem. We will take another blood sample and send it to Europe, this will cost you 2000 LE, the 'nice' veterinarian said. But it will take up to 6 weeks before we have the documents.

At this time we knew that we would stay in Egypt, but decided to proceed with preparing the documents, for possible future use. The veterinarian still thought that we were scheduled to leave.

6 weeks passed, with no message from the veterinarian. After about 2 months I called and asked for the documents: Vet: Oh, the result came back, when are you leaving? Me: Why? Vet: Unfortunately result was to too low, so we have to redo the test. Me: That seems very strange, as I remember that the dog was injected with at least double, possibly triple dose of the rabies vaccine, and the incubation periods were kept. Vet: Not to worry, he said, they will redo the analysis free of charge, as the result was borderline. Just come to the clinic and I will give the dog another injection.

When coming to the clinic, he was not able to show any proof that the sample actually was sent. At that time, I was angry, and made clear that I would not pay any further money to him for this. Also It was clear to me that he never sent any sample.

New injection was made. 14 days waiting. Blood sample taken, result promised in 3 weeks. No message after 5 weeks. Called for result: Me: I would like to have my results. Vet: Yes, they are here, but I am rebuilding the clinic, come next week. Next week: Vet: Oh, I am out of Egypt, I will bring them to your house in a week. Following week: Vet: I am not in Cairo, pick them up on Thursday. Me: I WANT MY RESULTS OR MY MONEY BACK.

Following Thursday: Veterinarian not in clinic but he left me a nice document apparently from a German laboratory and it had my name and other data seemed OK. I checked the document with the German laboratory the following day ' DOCUMENT WAS FALSE.

When I confronted him on the telephone about this, suddenly he refused all knowledge about any documents, he had never given me any documents, and there was no agreement about him supplying any documents. Only because I made clear to him that ever since he told me the lie about the low result, I had been recording my conversations with him, he realized, that he had to pay me my money back.

His plan in summary:

Expat that must leave Egypt in a few weeks and asks him to prepare animal for travelling. He will offer to prepare the necessary, including to put microchip in the pet. He will never send the sample, just keep telling lies and stories until the expat has to leave.

When the poor expat has to leave he will offer to take care of or destroy your animal. Naturally the expat will be charged for this service. I expect he will try to sell it first, if no success with this, he will destroy the pet. As a the last touch, he will take the microchip out of your animal, clean it up and sell it as a new to the next expat that will come to his clinic ' the circle is complete.

How do I know this last part: The German laboratory told me that the same number that was in my dog, previously was sent with another sample some years ago.

The story above is only mentioning a fraction of the lies and stories he told me through the period.

Following are my advice to expats with pets:

  • Prepare the necessary analysis even before you have a departure date. For some countries depending on the situation, it can take up to 4 months from start until you are allowed to enter with your pet. You can keep your documents valid by re-injecting (check rules).
  • Ask for a specified receipt from your veterinarian when you visit him. Then it is also easier to call other clinics to double check his prices.
  • Study the internet for the rules applying to your country in case of planned travelling with your pet. Ask the veterinarian about the rules also and compare his answers. If not happy, call other veterinarians and ask the same questions.
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