Volunteering in Egypt

Updated 2011-08-15 07:00

Dear Expatriates,

Giving time or money to charity is more than a gesture in Egypt, it is part of the religious culture in Egypt.
In a country struggling with a rapidly growing population and a high unemployment rate, many charities have taken on the daunting task of helping the people and animals displaced or abandoned.

Volunteers are always needed. if you have some time to spare and a desire to give of yourself,
find a cause that is dear to your heart and give a hand in this blessed month "Ramadan".

Because simply the life you change might be your own. :)

And Here are 4 notable charities to be consider, I have collected their data base from the internet for who would like to help or become a volunteer in any of them.

1- Resala Charities

Resala is a group of charities whose main aim is to ease the pain of the egyptian children.
Dr. Sherif Abdel Azim is the founder of the rapidly-growing youth-fueled Egyptian charity Organization which started in 1999 as a small university cell for social activities in the faculty of Engineering in Cairo.

Resala Charity Organization is the first organization in Egypt based on voulnteers and serves children in orphanages.

If you would like to help this organization or become a volanteer
please contact them at:
Tel:2705-8808 or 012-748-2004
E-mail : info@resala.org

2- Egypt Society for SOS Children's Villages

As a result of the social hardship which is partly caused by the strong increase in population in EGypt, SOS CHildren's Village International started to take action of Egypt in 1974. The first EGyptian SOS children's village was completed in 1977 in Cairo, which at the same time is Africa's largest city with altogether 13 million inhabitants . The second SOS CHildren's Village was constructed in Alexandria and was inaugurated in 1980. In 1984, the third SOS Children's Villages started to operate in Tanta, a town situated in the middle of the Nile Delta.
if you would like to help or wanna be a volunteer please contact them from any Egyptian land line at:
Address: 11, Mohamed Abdullah Deraz St. El GOld - Heliopolis

3- Caritas Egypt

Caritas aims at helping all people without differentiating between them on the basis of sex, religion or social level. The main goal of Caritas is community development, with a philosophy that is based on educating, rehabilitating human beings and respecting their rights. The Organization provides a variety of services across Egypt including medical centers, food donations, encouraging small projects, educating mature students, helping refugees, aiding mentally disabled children, anti-drugs activities and mental health. For more information contact them at:
Tel: 2432-7651
Address: a, Mahmoud Sedki St. Shubra, Cairo

And Finally ...

4- Spare Society for the protection of animal rights in egypt

Spare is a registered charity dedicated to protecting animal's lives. The shelter can house up to 40 animals at a time. They are always looking for volunteers as well.
for dog shelter call 3381-3855 or 012-316-2912
for cat shelter call 010-585-9212

For any queries or more info. don't hesitate to PM me ;)

Best Regards

Adam Khaled

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