Saudi Council Renewal

Hi everyone, I just would like to ask about renewing my saudi council license. Honestly, way back 2014, my recruiter lured me to send a fake local coe.. do I still need to submit it or not? Or can I just use my previous coe here in Saudi? And it’s a 4year experience. Please help.. your answers are highly appreciated....

You're in a difficult situation. I advise you not to submit your fake COE or else you land in jail for Forgery which is a serious offense in Saudi Arabia. I read news and articles of Nurses with forged COE imprisoned up to 7 months!!! Imagine 7 months imprisones in a foreign land, with no outside world contact, and worst, your family is suffering because you cannot provide for them. They are gravely worrying about your condition inside the cell.
One requirement of Saudi Council Renewal is dataflow. In Dataflow, you will be rquired to submit all your documents like COE, PRC License, and College Credentials.
Içm not sure if you can use your COE in Saudi Arabia to renew your Saudi Council, but you can try. But if they rejected that COE and asked for a local COE, you should bail out and resign, exit, before they find out.

Thanks for the info. .. previously I was employed in a clinic year 2014 and my employer renewed my saudi council license last 2017. So it’s going to expire this 2020. I was released last 2017 and i am currently employed in a new polyclinic  I have seen my data flow and it contained the college credentials only.. with no coe stated.. I just want to know How will be the next process for renewing my license again? Would it be more easier for me to renew it, even without requiring the local coe?


I think SCFHS may require you to process your dataflow because you're in a new company. Did you get a COE with stamp and compensation from your last employer?

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