My fiancee and I are purchasing a land together. However since she work in a bank and for her to benefit the staff rate the land should bear oy her name in order to be able to get a loan for construction. I would like to know if after marriage can my wife sell the property with me so that we  both can have equal right on the property. Or wht procedure we can do for both of us to have equal right on the property.

Hi Jaisai,

Have you contacted a notary yet ?

You will easily find one on the internet or if you are Mauritian, just ask your acquaintances, they will surely have some recommendations.

All the best,

If your fiancee is buying the land on her name and taking a loan to build the house, legally she cant sell the land till the loan amount is cleared. Once you are legally married you can purchase the land jointly as husband and wife and she can apply for a joint loan. She would still benefit from Staff Discount then and you both will have equal rights to the property.

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