What is the validity of certificate of character in mauritius

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I need to know the validity of my certificate of character. I had done mine in the month of August and went ro collect on 16 september 2019. Can someone shed some light on this question as i will be travelling abroad in need of it..

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i suggest calling the police station where it was issued such as ROSE HILL as they can advise best.  I also have one that is more than two years old but in some areas it seems to be valid and others not.

Thnks for replying.. I already call at police station they said 1 yearbut i got a friend of mine  and she is a police officer she told me 3 months as at the date of delivery

I think it depends on the application/situation.

In some cases the certificate is only valid for 3 months, while in other cases a certificate of 2 years old is still considered valid.

I got mine in July, they told me it is valid until December


Usually the Certificate of Character is valid for 3 months.

But it can depend on circumstances. If you need it for a job or other formalities, it can be accepted even if the 3 months have lapsed,

It seems that a mauritian should apply for a morality certicate  every 2 month .

it is just crazy. Better that the Authority or whoever needs a morality certificate from a citizen asks for the certicate themselves from the DPP.

the citizen just have to Give his approuval that the authority which is asking for the certicate can Ask for one from the DPP.

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