Legal requirements to own a boat in Mauritius?

Hi All
Does anyone know what it takes to own a boat/yacht in Mauritius?
I am thinking about legal requierments ancorage and so forth.
All info is welcome.

Like a small row row row your boat or the titanic ?  :P

I think get your skippers and they will let you know about all the legalities?  :)

I was thinking about some sailing catamaran 35-45 feet.

Well I arrive in Mauritius on the 1st May. If I see one of my uncles I will ask for you and see what they say :)

It is a slow process. The Tourism Authority regulates the licencing of private pleasure craft. They are where you should go first. You will also need to prove you have a skipper's licence. This may be either a licence you obtain in Mauritius (which takes ages) or an internationally recognised licence from another country. The rules and regulations relating to the import of boats depend on whether new or used. Best to check with a reputable customs clearing agent. Use one of the larger well-established ones. There are only a few places you can readily keep a yacht that size, Le Morne Anglers Club in Black River, Grand Baie Yacht Club, or in the marina in Port Louis. You will have to organise and pay for your own mooring. There may be some spots as well on the East Coast, but I am not familiar with them. What you do need is the ability to secure the boat at short notice should a cyclone be on the way.

LaurenceF ! thank you very much. But is it a nessesity to licens a private boat?

Yes a licence is a legal requirement. There are two types. Those for purely private use and those for commercial use i.e. for reward.... pleasure craft operators who carry tourists etc. All boats have to be surveyed before MTA will issue a licence. A licence number is issued and has to be displayed on the vessel. Same as in most countries.

Thanks again, so you would`nt be able to give me some contacts, as to get a boat surveyed ? I have a Boat on hand lying in Port Louis marina.

Surveys are done by the MTA appointed inspectors. You need to go to MTA Office in Barrack St Port Louis.

Thank you so much, I have been at the MTA internet site, seems a very through procedure.