Morality certificate

Hello im a mauritian living in Italy...i need to apply for a morality certificate so i wanted to know the procedures..thnk u

You can ask someone to do it on your behalf. You will have to mention that you are abroad. I remember having done this for someone in the past, but don't recall exact procedure. I can check if ever you still need the information.

This should cover everything for you and as previous poster said it is better to get someone in Mauritius to do it in person for you. Ignore the AUD cost and check out the MRU cost

Applications for a Certificate of Character should either be forwarded to the Mauritius High Commission in Canberra or directly to the Morality Section in Mauritius on the following address:
            The Commissioner of Police
            Attn: Mr. Purmessur, CI/CID-CRO
            Crime Record Office
            Line Barracks –Port Louis
            Tel: (+230) 208 1212
            Fax: (+230) 210 9512
2.    In both cases, the application should be accompanied by:
(a)    Application form duly filled-in
(b)    Certified photocopies of your Birth Certificate, National Identity Card and, where applicable, Marriage/Divorce Certificate/New Marriage Certificate/Death Certificate of Spouse.
(c)    Certified copies of your passport (only copies of passport data page is needed (i.e. first page for new passport versions, and first six pages for old passport versions).
(d)    Evidence of your employment in Mauritius, if applicable.
(e)    A letter duly signed by yourself stating reasons for the application.
(f)    Copy of Visa/Residency Status in Australia.
3.    If you decide to forward your application through the Mauritius High Commission, you are required to also provide the following:
(g)    A Money Order of AUD 17, in case of a new application, or AUD 15 for each additional original copy, drawn in favour of the Mauritius High Commission as processing fee.
(h)    A Self-addressed Registered Envelope.
4.    All documents submitted along with your application will be verified and kept in the custody of the Mauritius High Commission and same will be returned to you upon receipt of the Certificate of Character issued to you.

Its been a great help..thnk u all 😊

Hi Mishabbeer,

Want to ask if you have successly applied for the Morality certificate? We are also in need for it and want to more further details like how do we pay for the application and how did you get the certificate back?


Hello my girl friends from Madagascar.. both of us is having civil marriage in Mauritius.  Am a citizen of Mauritius.. i wanted to know which document she need to apply for certificate of character. Because she has work here but she dont have any contract of work .. i need a certificate of character because for the civil marriage here in Mauritius anyone can help me

Hi I'm a Mauritian but I live in Italy

I have applied for a morality certificate in mauritius when I was in mauritius

And all is OK but the only issue is that it is in English and I need that in Italian, how to get the morality in Italian language???