Passport for my non-Mauritian husband

Hello, I am stuck :(

I am Mauritian and live in England with my non-Mauritian husband, he is British.

We want to move to Mauritius now.

I am stuck with the forms as it seems to say we must have lived in Mauritius for 4 years before he can apply for residence?

We have been married for 18 years and lived together in England only.

The form we are looking at is “section 7 Registration of spouses of Mauritian citizens”.

The form asks for a ‘certificate of character issued by the director of public prosecutions (within 3 months)' What is this?

We have been on holiday to Mauritius many times and no one can explain to us what this is.

please can someone help explain what we need to do as  we are finding this abit complex😅

thanks so much.

@anuja10 you should live in Mauritius within Mauritius under same roof for 4 years, recently rules changed now your husband have to apply for work permit extra .

Ýou can visit passport and immigration office at sterling House port Louis.

If you have register marriage in Mauritius then this rules for 4 years, recently it changed also so 2 years after your husband will get permanent residency card , 2 years temporary. 

Work permit you can search on Google edb business Mauritius create account everything online now, for medical you have to visit local doctor . It's next to cnr Court building in Port Louis.

If you need help in creating edb mauritius account this I can give directions.


@anuja10 It means if your husband has any criminal record. If not, go to the police station and ask for the certificate of "No criminal conviction". Most countries need such a certificate, in order not to import any "criminals". However, I know one criminal from South Africa. He is gay and have a spouse visa. Already reported him to immigration. Just don't know if they will do anything about it.


hello thank you for reply. We are retirement age, my husband won't be able get a work permit?

we have never live in Mauritius together.

@Pandora At Dodoland

thank you for the reply. Is this in a Mauritian police station?

My 2 bits -- if your husband is of retirement age (above 50) he might be able to apply for a retirement visa - please see the requirements on edb mauritius. Once he is in Mauritius he can then change visa/permit, etc. The police certificate is not difficult to get, check out your local police station in the UK and see online. It is called 'DBS' check and also see the 'CRB' checks. I do not remember exactly which one it is.

@anuja10 No, police station of where you are living now. I come from HK. When people emigrate to another country (for example to USA), US government will ask for this certificate, before they let you fly to the States. So, they know they are not taking in any child molester; murderer; thief.....etc. And where to get this certificate is from the police station where you are living. If you have never committed any crime, your record is clean, and the police will issue the certificate for you.

@anuja10 Hi certificate of character if you live in ghe uk is called ACRO CRIMINAL RECORDS, you will need to go on their website to apply for one its cost around £55 and last for 6 to 12 months.That's the website https://www.acro.police.ukGood luck

@jeanninewell thanks for the clarification regarding the police check. As you mention, acro police check is for visa/emigration, etc checks, and DBS is for jobs. They get their information from similar sources but the certificate is different.

Citizenship can only be applied for after living 4 years in Mauritius - as the OP says. But a residence permit can be applied for straight away, the application is made in Mauritius but you will need to get a lot of documents sorted in UK before leaving and this may take some time as some need to be legalised.

Citizenship can only be applied for after living 4 years in Mauritius - as the OP says. But a residence permit can be applied for straight away, the application is made in Mauritius but you will need to get a lot of documents sorted in UK before leaving and this may take some time as some need to be legalised.

Hi. I am in the same position, wife is Mauritian and I'm British. We both live in the UK. We've tried 3 times for me to acquire citizenship but have been turned away by the immigration office each time. We've given up now.

Hi, I'm Croatian and married to Mauritian. We moved to Mauritius in 2020. I applied for permanent residence permit and didn't have any problems getting it, there is a list of documentation (Female spouse).  that you need to bring to the office in Mauritius and then proces takes about 2-3 months. You can live in Mauritius indefinitely with permanent residence only, or if you want want apply for citizenship after 4 years of living in Mauritius non-stop. You can work in Mauritius under same rules as Mauritians if you are married prior to 2019 ( … I2KST-ZOEX)

This is the process I went though, I'm not sure if something changes in the meantime. Best of luck!

Dear anuja10,

There are a few different processes involved. The key aspects are these:

1 - A spouse of a Mauritian has an automatic right of residence in Mauritius and need only show their marriage certificate.

2 - In order to formalise number one above, and get a residence card and a letter allowing a spouse of a Mauritian to live in Mauritius, you need to look at the procedure of Martina3 above.

3 - Once a couple have lived in Mauritius for 4 years (although there are recent changes that complicate this) under the same roof, they can use the procedure that yrsbarra mentions above.

As a last note, the automatic right to work is no longer afforded to spouses. The residence permit simply gives the right to live here. However, it is much easier to get a permit to be able to work here as a spouse than a general foreigner as you will be given a work permit through the Ministry of Labour rather than the general higher requirements of an occupation permit as a foreigner through the EDB.

Philip Tsalikis

@matt4509 you will not get citizenship immediately. If you are moving to Mauritius, you might get residency as spouse of Mauritian citizen, see the replies below.

@anuja10 If you are retired you could apply for a retired non-Citizens Residence Permit for your husband. It's done online through the EDB. Currently they last 10 years.