Obtaining an National ID Card


hoping someone can help me out as i keep reading conflicting pieces of information.. Background as follows :

I believe that I qualify for Mauritian Citizenship by descent- I was born in the UK,  my dad was born in Mauritius and he currently holds a Mauritian passport/ ID card (He resides in the UK)

I wish to apply for a National Identity Card. According to the Mauritian National ID card website, I understand that the process of application requires me to present myself to the PMO in advance of my application for an ID card, to obtain a"confirmation letter of eligibility". This confirmation letter is then required to be submitted alongside the other relevant documents in order to obtain an ID card.

(Here is the link)
http://mnis.govmu.org/English/Registrat … uired.aspx

However, is unclear on the PMO website exactly what information is required in order to obtain this confirmation letter, nor is it easy to identify the location of the respective application form.

Has anyone had any recent experience of obtaining an ID card via descent and what steps they had to take ?
Any information which you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.



I would say you have to bring all the documents mentioned in the link to the Prime MInister's Office who will determine if you are eligible and then grant you with a confirmation letter. Letter which you will then have to produce along with other documents at an ID center to obtain your NIC.


Mauritian Descent (Person born abroad where one of the parents is a Mauritian citizen at time of birth) :

·         Process Sheet from Prime Minister's Office (confirmation letter of eligibility for an ID card )
·         Foreign Birth Certificate
·         Marriage Certificate (where applicable)
·         Proof of Address (Local and/or Overseas)
·         Mauritian Parent's Birth Certificate
·         Mauritian Parent's ID (if available)
·         Passport (if available)
Official document evidencing a Divorce, Change of Name where applicable


My daughter has just got her I D card. She had to get her passport first.
She then had to take all the same paperwork as was required for the passport to get the ID as well as ...both her father's mauritian passport and hers. Both their birth certificates. Proof of his naturalization in the UK. A certificate such as DBS...to show she was of good character.. Her fatherS  I D card...i think that was all...