“lettre of hébergement”/"Letter of accommodation"

Hey Guys!

I'm planning to live in a family house so have to show on immigration a formal “lettre of hébergement”/"Letter of accommodation" .Someone have a model how to produce  this letter or where i can search??

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People do it differently but the main concept remains the same.

The letter should be destined to the Immigration Officer of the 'Passport and Immigration Office' in Mauritius.
Therefore this is what your host will have to write at the top.



The Immigration Officer
Passport and Immigration Office


My friend Mrs/Miss _ _ _ _ _ _  , a *student/other* from *Address*Brazil* is planning on visiting Mauritius from -------- to ------ for the purpose of tourism/any other venture.

Please let me use this opportunity to bring to your notice that she will be staying with us the entire duration of her trip/from ------ to --------.

Should you need any further additional information or further clarification in this regard, please contact us.

Yours Sincerely/faithfully

Name of your host
Name of the business unit (if any) [example if it's a company or agency]
website (if any)

*Signature of host*                                                                               [STAMP] if applicable


Some people give a complete detailed overview of their planned activities in the country, but you don't have too.

The contacts are the most important here.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much!  :top: