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just wondering if anyone can enlighten me on the the legal height of a boundary wall. It's my understanding that it's 1.8m.

I live in the UK and building a house in Albion in a gated community.

Our contractors have now been threaten with a stop order from someone in the management company. Who by the way is very petty as there is properties there that's way over 1.8m!

Our contractor is well established and knows his business.

I'm sure you can imagine being in the UK and building a house abroad is difficult.

Hello DonDanA

Yes 1.8 m . If above you need to apply for a permit.

There are other factors that should be taken into consideration : … y-macadam/




Thank you very much for your quick response.

Appreciate the link too.

@ DonDanA 

So sorry to hear of your issue.  At 1.80m it must be the wall's height & wondering why that is in contention.      As you also mention other properties ? 

Very interesting point as I have similar interests in the Albion area. 

I do hope this will be dealt with favourably as 1.80 m seems to be the norm for boundary walls.



Why do you need a gated communiti in Mauritius?


Hi @Rico20

We have no the idea what the issues are. Our contractor is  experience and knows his business.

The ‘syndic' has not been at all helpful asking for the wall to be 1.7m in height!

I've always followed the regulations and tried to be reasonable. I now have left this issue in the hands of our contractor hopefully this will be sorted soon.

Albion is a beautiful village up and coming. Not too far from Club Med Hotel. They've started to build a shopping mall. Unfortunately this has been put on halt for now. But do look I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


Hi Ivan

we bought our land quite a few years back and it was being sold within a gated community. Which is actually very nice.

We have security guards,  number plate recognition amongst other things. But obviously we pay a service charge each month.

Also we actually live in London and feel completely at ease when we are not there.

Although eventually our aim is to spend a few months in the year out there.


as a cad operator have design and apply permit for many client for their house plan. for a boundary to get approve it must be 1.8mt high or else permit  be rejected at planning department

I agree with you that some people boundary is above 2mt but they have constructed it illegal, they got permit in 1.8mt but constructed more then 2mt. if there be a complain there may be action taken against them

but regulation is regulation

Good morning Sanjay

thanks for your input, our wall is definitely 1.8m no higher.

As previously mentioned I feel the gentleman who is opposing is either misinformed or being difficult.

More the latter I'd imagine.

I agree regulation must be adhered to.



Hello A/all

@ Ivan_Katinic

Trust you are well.   

I think you'll find that almost everyone (including the locals) wants some safety/security measures for same reasons.

A gated community provides security & piece of mind for the ones living there.

A sign of the times am afraid to say.

Safety comes first. 

Hope this explains it in simple terms.




@ DonDanA

Trust you are well.  This seems a very petty way of dealing with a wall that is within the legal limit.

Am certain your contractor will deal with it.

You can always get yourself on the "syndic" in future if you wish to, as I understand owners can ask to be on the "syndic" or management company.

Agreed: Albion is in a lovely area.  I am sure you will enjoy it out there with all the latest but small developments including the shopping mall/supermarket.

Look forward to bump into you at some stage & we can compare notes.



@ Sanjay Poheeth

Hello Sanjay

Trust you are well & thanks for your comment.

I really don't understand why so many things happen in Mauritius and most seem to get away with it. 

It's not very nice for all concerned & it gives the wrong impression to anyone from overseas thinking of buying in future.



Hello Rico

hope you all is well

I commented for Construction permit to get approved.  if you purchasing a plot and intend to construct it is the procedure

But however you can Purchase a plot with house already constructed in PDS projects .




Hi Rick

At last we have come to an agreement regarding the wall.

I agree with you regarding joining the Syndic at least then my voice can actually be heard!

At the moment it's not convenient as we are still here in the UK and unable to attend meetings etc

But definitely the way forward.

You never know we could actually bump into each in Albion as it's not an enormous village.


Hi DonDana, how much does it cost (GBP) to build in house in a gated community in Albion? Does your contractor handle everything including interior fittings? Do you mind sharing his website? Thanks Leena



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hello thanks for your msg

actually after a construction permit is approved. there is merely no followup from authorities. unless someone do complain at the authorities, then authorities take action. you can get a stop order.

regards sanjay


I agree I use to do house plan for many client over the island.

but here the regulation for boundary  wall is 1.8mt above ground level. if we exceed plans will not be approved.

I also agree there are boundary  wall above 2mt. but they are illegal