Shipping a boat from SA

I am trying to find out information on bringing my boat from SA to Mauritius. It is a small cat, 6 m with 2 50HP ourboards. Does anyone know whether there are any duties (like the 100% on cars) and how easy it is to register your boat in Mauritius.
Any help and info would be greatly appreciated!

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mauritian customs behave haphazardly, unstably with a non-equivalent reasoning of any developped countries, and have non-imposed legal actions such as:

Thy may evaluate a vehicle in two ways: either thy charge you a 100 per cent duty on the price you bought it(+expenses like charges and vat +).
                                       or thy say that this car/boat is valued at Rs xxx in mauritius. so they applied the charges within what they have valued.

would someone please correct me if i am wrong?

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Pardon my ignorance if it comes to boats lingo but what is a small cat?how much is the value and how old is it?

I know someone who works at the customs, I'll be happy to ask :)

alisa_ram wrote:

Pardon my ignorance if it comes to boats lingo but what is a [b]small cat[/b]?how much is the value and how old is it?

I know someone who works at the customs, I'll be happy to ask :)

I am guessing you mean Small Catamaran??,

Yes, I mean small catamaran. It is 18 foot long. Value circa Rs 1,000,000
I know that bringing in a car attracts 100% import duty, wondering if this is the same for a boat.
THanks for the help!

I thought that could mean small catamaran, but i'd rather ask, to be sure :)

Will post something here as soon as I get the info!

There is not duty on boats and marine equipment. If it a second hand boat you must obtain an import permit before shipping. If you do not get a import permit you will be fined. I have a great guy who can handle your import. He has done four imports for me.

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Have sent you a message!

Two options:

(a) pay 15% VAT or
(b) leave a deposit/guarantee at the MRA and this is refundable when you leave MRU.

Thanks Alisa!! What value would the 15% VAT be on? The purchase price or the value that customs put on the boat?
If I went for 2nd option eg pay a deposit, what amount would that be?

The VAT would be on the value you give them.

For the second option, you have to ask the ship broker (here we call that courtier maritime), he can help you with that, but I don't think it would be more than the VAT.

That being said, the second option is refundable when you leave MRU.Have you found any ship brokers yet?

Hi Alisha,
Thanks for helping everyone out in the forum.
I have spent 5 years in Maurice as a student. Now, I plan to come back for higher studies, for a period of 3 years or so.
This time, I intend to bring my car with me for personal use. Could you please ask the people you know in MRA / Customs if I can get my car by paying VAT or depositing a security for this duration? I intend to take it back with me when I leave.


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I need to have the model/car brand, engine capacity and year? Also, you may want to start a new topic with shipping car to Mauritius!



Posted it in a new thread.

I am about to ask the same question as the chap in 2010
I want to bring my vehicle and a boat to Grand Baie and any information would be great as to

HI, read your comment about shipping boats in from SA. So if we bring in a boat with the SA value of R50 000 what will the total cost be....and can you forward me your guys number that has delt with your imports please?
Thank You

Yes we can help
Call me 52569314

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Hi apo,

sorry to be a bother, i know it has been a long time ago, but i was wondering if you had any joy in getting your boat to Mauritius from SA, and how difficult it was? we are considering doing something similar and would appreciate if you could point us in the correct direction :-)

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Do not hesitate to create a new topic on the Mauritius forum so that you may get some responses. This topic being from 2010, chances that you get a response from aop are not impossible but somewhat slim  :(

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Only 15 % VAT that's all you will have to pay


I confirm there is no customs duty on boats. VAT of 15% is applied on the CIF Value, that is value of the boat + shipping charges at origin (including transport) + freight.
An import permit AND a permit from the Tourism Authority will be requested before customs release the boat. These must be approved before the boat is shipped.
The bank guarantee is an option but at the Director of Customs' discretion. I suggest you pay the VAT.
Customs, like anywhere in the world, have the right to re evaluate the boat if they think it is under evaluated. They have databases where they obtain the information. But if correctly declared there should not be any problems.
Regarding the outboard engines, you are within the right bracket, the total of the HP of both engines must not be more than 150 HP (now, yes this is a stupid law), so ensure you remain within this bracket or excise duty will apply.

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Hi, I have read most of the comments on this thread. Just another question. Are there different rules for an inboard motorboat. We have an inboard V8 on a 24 foot motorboat. What is the laws relating to inboards. And also are jetski's not allowed in Mauritius. We have 2 Jetski's that I can either bring with or have to sell if not allowed.

Hi . Have you got details of this person that does imports of boats. Does he also do motorcycles.