SA Driver's Licence Confirmation Letter


My wife and I want to convert our SA licences to Mauritius licences.

I believe that I need to get a Confirmation Letter from the South African Road Traffic Management Corporation.

We will use a professional document assistance service to get the letters for us. Any recommendations?

Also, does anyone know if the letter needs to be apostilled for Mauritius?

Thanks, John

@John0356   Hi John if you let me have your email, i will send you all the info [link moderated]


*Step 1.*

You need to get your drivers licence attestation letter from SA.

Send an email to :

Requesting your drivers licence attestation letter. Mention that you are going to use it for conversion to Mauritian licence.

In the email include:

- a scan of the front and back of your drivers licence

- a copy of your SA Identity card

- a completed application form ( … n-Form.pdf )

You will have to wait for an email reply from the drivers licence dept. It can take anything from a week to 3 months.

Then you will have to arrange pickup in Midrand and courier to Mauritius.

I used a lady who charged me R1000 + courier fees. (I'll send her details if you want to use her).

*Step 2:*

Send and email to the Mauritian licence dept (] ) with the following documents:

1. Copy of both sides of your SA drivers licence

2. Copy of your Residence/ Work Permit

3. Copy of your MAU national identity card

4 Copy of :

  (i) Biodata page of passport

  (ii) Date of arrival in Mauritius

5. Proof of address in Mauritius

6. Attestation letter from the licensing department in South Africa.

I called them the day after I sent it to confirm receipt. They then confirmed a few days later that I can come in to Counter 8 and bring my original documents and 2 passport photos.

I went and got a nr for counter 8. Gave them my forms. Paid Rs1500 *cash*.

The collection date of your Mauritian licence is exactly 1 month after handing in the original documents.

Thanks a lot Lindie… that's a huge help!

Very much appreciated.

Best wishes, John

Hi all, great feedback above, but it does not state if apostled confirmation letter is required from South African authorities like with the criminal background checks etc? Thank you in advance


@Expat10101010 Thanks a lot, that's very helpful.