Certified Copies of Passport etc in Mauritius


I would require to certify the first 5 pages of my passport plus extra documents: anybody knows where it can be done? I am currently in the North. Anyhints in English/French would be appreciated. Thanks, Cyril

Hello Cyrilguerin67,

Welcome on board !

Have you tried contacting your embassy ?

It is a passport of what nationality ?



It can be done by a notary in Mauritius

It can be done by a notary in Mauritius

I doubt it.

When I needed to make certified true copy of passport...etc, I went to the city council office in Hong Kong and made declaration in front of the city councilor. I'm not sure if it is the same over here. But I don't think a notary has the right to certify any document.

Better bring your passport and other documents to the embassy to do it there.