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We are thinking about opening our own business in Maurituis. Any advise about what type of business and were?

Opening a business would mean you will have to qualify for an 'Occupation Permit' as an investor. This type of permit comes with conditions like a minimum amount of investment and a minimum yearly turnover that you will have to meet. 

The business will have to be one that does not directly eat into the trades of locals, which mean you will have to bring innovation and new products/services.

The best places to operate a business first depends on what type of business it is and the profile of the people that you will be targeting.
Major towns and coastal regions beaming with tourists and expats are usually the best places to open a business.

Hi Nadia,

Do you already have an idea of what type of business you want to set up? I was looking for business partners for a tour operator and catamaran excursion so if you are interested please inbox me for further details. Thanks

Foreign participation in pleasure craft operation and tourism in general bear certain heavy restrictive conditions. Be careful when venturing into these.

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