How can a Saudi marry an American?

I am from Saudi Arabia and I was wondering if any one could kindly advise on my current situation, I have been trying to marry an American man for 4 years but I have realized it’s almost impossible to get married in Saudi because of all the silly rules. I have also tried Bahrain however, the Bahraini court informed me that I can’t marry there unless I work or live there.

Do you know any other countries that we can get married?

Thank you and best regards

The question is whether you want to live in Saudi after your marriage or not?  if you do, then the marriage has to be after permission from MOI for it to be recognized.

Wherever you get married, unless it is with permission from Saudi authorities, the marriage won't be recognized in Saudi and your spouse won't get any benefits or visas accordingly.

Practically speaking, you can't get married in Bahrain.  Not even in the UAE which is generally easier as they require one partner to have a residence permit.   If money or time is no object, the easiest would be to do a civil marriage in the US.  Alternatively, you can set up a residence in Bahrain and get a CPR (As a Saudi citizen, you don't need a visa but to get a CPR, you would need an address).

Thank you for you Immediate response, how can I set up a residence? And what does a CRP stand for?

Again thank you

You need to rent a place and have a rental contract under your name. This can prove that you are living there.  Depending on requirements (vary by nationality), your spouse may need to do the same.

CPR is a Bahraini identity card which is issued to residents of Bahrain.  Similar to Saudi Iqama and UAE Emirates ID.

To add onto this, here are the requirements for CPR for GCC nationals:

Conditions for obtaining the ID card

Accommodation in the Kingdom must be verified.
Owns a house or property under his/her name.
An investor in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The applicant must be a resident in Bahrain for a period of at least six months continuously.
Those who do not meet the above conditions, the data of the GCC ID card issued by their country can be activated:

If an applicant owns a rental address and does not reside in Bahrain, however frequently visits the country. Data of the GCC ID can be activated at the Identity Card Centers and ID holders will be capable of using their GCC cards inside the Kingdom with the same benefits as the Bahraini ID cards.

Required documents for issuing ID cards

Personal attendance is required for children (at the age of four and above).
Must present a valid passport.
Must present a recent colored photo with a white background.
Must present a proof of residence; i.e. electricity bill or lease contract (Municipality Certificate of Residency).
If the applicant has children studying in schools of Bahrain, a letter must be presented verifying their school enrollment.

Thank you so much for your time and help!
Sir do you know if it’s possible getting married in Turkey

Not sure.  But generally you will also have problems getting married in any country other than the one of your residence or citizenship.  Courts will ask for a lot of documentation from expats e.g. proof of civil status, NOCs from Embassies etc which they won't give if you don't live there.  Additionally, even if the US Embassy is accommodating, the Saudi Embassy will not at all help you in Turkey as you don't live there and you don't have permission to get married.

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