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Could you please assist with info about the following.

I have business in RSA and would like to move it to Mauritius. I have 2 partners.
I am in the beginning fase of research and havent find much info on this as yet.

We would like to move our business to Mauritius and our families across to run the business what are the laws, requirements,cost if this is even an option.

Thank you for your time in advance


first we must know what kind of business you are running.

have you figure out a feasibility study?
have you monitored the market here?


I Breed exotic Parrots. I would need to buy a small holding in Mauritius in order to set up aviaries, would have to employee a couple Locals for day to day running, 80% of sales would be exported.


Better you liaise with a relocation agent who can also assist you to airfreight your parrots from SA to Mauritius.
Please check

Hope it can assist you.


Hi KarlGunnParense,

Why not contact the EDB to gather as much information as possible ?

Once you have gathered all the preliminary information you will be able to plan the next step.

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Dear Karl,
another possibility would be to get in touch with local eco-friendly NGOs and academics from the bio-science department of the University of Mauritius, who have a lot of data and specific GIS mappings to help you with your feasibility studies.

I already work at the University of Mauritius and would be very happy to link you with very nice and helpful resource persons.

Do let me know if you are interested.

Good Day Veekram

Thanks very much for your advice, that would be incredible thank you so much

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