Working conditions and labour laws in Mauritius


Working conditions differ across the world, and as a working expat, it is important to know your rights as an employee.

Are working conditions standard in Mauritius? For instance, are working hours, paid time off, and sick leave different for expats v.s. locals? Do they differ based on the type of company (private, public, NGO)?

Are there laws in place regarding physical conditions of the office, employee protection, etc.?

What are some resources in Mauritius to inform people about labour laws and employee rights (websites, governmental associations)?

Have the general working conditions or labour laws changed in any way lately?

How do the working conditions and labour laws in Mauritius differ from your country of origin?

Thank you for sharing your experience,


Personally from experience working here in Mauritius as a web designer and digital marketing specialist is terrible.

i work for [Removed could be defamatory] it is the worst company that i have worked for i work 6 days a week for around 7 euro a day they tell me i need to manage 3 websites and manage there social media platforms pick up the phone when it rings tell me i have to arrive at work at 7:45am and finish at 4pm i they also expect me to do the graphic design for each web site they want me to create menus. at first they paid me 9000 Mauritius rupees then bumped it up to 11000 Mauritian rupees and now they expect me to slave for them they said to me after 6 months probation they will pay me 15000 but they won't they will sack me after i do all the work for the greedy *** any way i have decided to Quit

Well, my cleaning lady charged 130 Rs an hour (coming every day for 4 hours) and was she reliable? Not a bit, she did not even text me when she did not come but just stayed away.  Most of the babysitters do not work below 200 Rs and hour if they come to your house just ones or twice a week

do you work in Mauritius?

sriyantradillon :

Personally from experience working here in Mauritius as a web designer and digital marketing specialist is terrible.

i work for *** it is the worst company that i have worked for i work 6 days a week for around 7 euro a day

So, in another words,  you are getting cheated by a company being led by yet another Expat who claims on his LinkedIn  page that he is /was a Trade Adviser for a G7 country.

yes spot on

Just make sure everything is well written in your contract at first. I didn' t even think it would be possible to work 6 days a week ^^ the 45hours a week are ok except if you are a manager and they expect you to actually stay from 8am until 8pm every day appart from saturdays... I think conditions can be ok but really make sure before signing  that you are on the same page. I have medical insurance, food and place to stay. Most of the companies provide transportation to employees also. I will have 18days off per year after my first year of work (3weeks and one day) but with also the 15 public holidays :)

Time to get a new job I suppose

sriyantradillon :

yes spot on

I saw this on the French forum: … 25169.html

It may be a good reference for the future.

Are you on a work permit or Occupation permit?
If that's the case , don't quit before you can land somewhere else.

Thank you for your advise must appreciated friend.

Hi there, I will be moving to the island in December and will need to employ an admin assistant / PA working from 10am - 5pm Monday - Friday.  Does anyone know what an appropriate salary would be.  I am looking for a young girl around 20yrs of age (I am a woman and wouldnt feel comfortable with a male assistant as I work from home). Any advice welcome. Thanks!

I worked as an administrator assistant  manager but the pay is around 45 000 Mauritian rupee

I found a lot of petty politics and not much freedom of thought. A very conservative society, in which every person had a pre-defined place. A terrible amount of gossip, which seemed to control the place. And "island fever", a feeling of being horribly bored and wanting to escape. Not at all what I expected of a beautiful tropical island. A difficult place to work, with a curiously old-fashioned lack of respect shown to employees - I often ended up being a buffer, protecting the people I was in charge of from the company management, so they could achieve good results without undue interference.

That was a long time ago, so it may have changed. Maybe it was just because I was an angry young man at the time. I'd go back, if the conditions were pleasant and it came closer to matching the tropical island dream that people think of when they think of Mauritius.

I agree what you mentioned about the gossip that is still a big issue here in Mauritius when your working under management that has zero respect for the people they hire

Haha, the gossip. Someone I knew said it should be called "Malicious" instead of Mauritius. People must be very bored to do that.

That's a good one hahaha

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