Any other Mancunians out there?

Hi there, I am from Manchester, England and have lived in Paris for almost 15 years.  Any other Mancunians out there? I am a freelance graphic designer/webmaster and work from home. I am in the 16th by Porte de Saint Cloud.
I love Parisian life, the cafés, cinema, theatre, expos etc but find it particularly hard to work with French clients, and would prefer to expand my anglophone contacts in terms of work and social.
I love designing particularly fun stuff such as invitations and flyers but of course can do the serious stuff too such as corporate brochures.
Would love to hear from you!

hey im from manchester lol i was brought up around denton and left moston for france lol..... at the moment i am in sens 89500 just outside paris but i want to move more central. not much here but animals and farmers- lol.... i will be in and out of paris a lot as ive got job interviews. so id be happy to meet up! also im a little frustrated with my french at the moment. im thinking where is the best place i can actually get a french certificate in languages than a private tutor charging a bomb? any ideas people? anyways message me anytime i get your replies through email notifications. have a good day x suzy

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