Expats in Beziers

Are there any expats in Beziers?

Hi Virginia,

We are expats. My wife and I moved here from the UK back in January.  Since then we've met lots of Brits and a few Americans who also live here. 

I think we have only scratched the surface though.

Tony & Becky

I m not expat but I m French and I live near beziers


Hello everyone,

What exactly are you looking for on Expat.com? How can we assist you?

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Hi Tony & Becky,

How are you finding life in Béziers? Can you suggest some good areas to live? I'm planning to move from the UK this year. Will rent somewhere whilst I'm looking for a house/apartment to buy. Béziers or the surrounding area seems like a viable choice because of easy access to an airport and the railway.  Any advice or comments from someone already there would be really amazing.

Kind regards, Helen

Where do you live in Beziers?  Maybe we can meet one day.

We are loving our life in Beziers.  We are staying in an Airbnb until we can move into the apartment we are buying in Beziers.

Hi Virginia,

I'm not in France yet, although I did spend a few days in Beziers last week. It's good to hear you like it there, and yes it would be really nice to meet up when I'm there. Good luck with the move to your apartment .

Would you like to meet with my husband and me one evening?

@virginia7260 Hi, there are many English expats in Tourbes - which is near Beziers, most frequent the Bar on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays nights. The new Mayor has improved the village and there is always things happening now. Great place to live.!

We have really enjoyed our move to Beziers.  Even though our French isn't very good the people have been wonderful.  Although we don't know what Beziers looked like before this mayor, we have been told he has done wonderful things to improve Beziers.

Let us know when you arrive and maybe we can meet for drinks.  Are you moving to Beziers?

Yes, I'm planning to move to Beziers or somewhere in the surrounding area as soon as my house is sold. I'll let you know when I'm around. Meeting up for drinks would be really nice. :)

Hi Helen,

We've found the locals to be very friendly so far. There are a few parts that can be a bit scary after dark but you get that everywhere.  Personally, we like to be close to the centre of town. We're just a three minute walk from the main drag. Everything we need is very close by.

I think you are doing the right thing by renting for a few months before committing to buying.  Although we are happy with our house purchase, I wish we had rented for a while first. We may have ended up with a better house for a smaller price. Still, we like what we've got.

I hope your move goes well and that you will enjoy living in Béziers as much as we do.




I am looking for more information about life in Beziers from an expat perspective. We are Americans who have lived in France before and are looking to move back. We lived in Brittany in the past but are now more interested in the south. I read such conflicting information about crime, poverty, etc in Beziers that I am not sure what life is actually like. Any information about day to day and crime would be appreciated


rien de spécial à beziers

tres bien pour les retraités

@Julien Hello!  We are Heidi and Josh from the US.  We have had the opportunity to live for a few years in France in the past and are now interested in buying a home in France so that we can visit often and hopefully move to France again one day.  When we lived in France before, we lived in Brittany which we absolutely loved but are interested in learning a bit more about life in the south of France.  Specifically looking in the Beziers region for a variety of reasons.  Any insight on ex-pat life in that region would be very helpful. Thanks!

We are from California and tried Bezier for a few weeks, loved the general area but not the city as much. So we are trying Narbonne for a month, aside from the wind, it is really enjoyable. Easy to get around and buses to beaches are quick. Les Halles and the canal are much more attractive in Narbonne. Overall much more appealing to us, but it has only been a few weeks and our french needs to improve to understand the city.... Would love to meet up with any longer term expats to hear their experience. Good luck in your search.

Hello Rodbz22,

Please post in english. You are on the anglophone forum.

The francophone forum is here : Forum France

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nothing special in beziers

great for retirees

@greybasketball can you tell me what you did not like about the city of Beziers? Just curious and trying to learn as much as we can

Hi! Beziers felt much more closed off, many street had only shuttered homes and were dark (Narbonne also some streets like this but overall lots more activity). Wanted to like it, and maybe in the summer there is more going on, but overall wasn't a place we wanted to return to.

The shops and Les Halles are much nicer in Narbonne, they have a few nice museums and the canal is a pleasant walk in and thru the city. We have seen some art exhibits and free concerts, seems like more activities.

We only spent a few weeks in Beziers, but walked thru much of the city - nice views by the cathedral but overall Narbonne seems more liveable and more welcoming.

We are looking to relocate and Narbonne seems like a good option. Good luck!

Hello everyone,

Please note that I have added post 21 and 22 to this thread on the France forum as it is a topic dedicated to Béziers.

All the best


@rodbz22 hello

What you looking for

@rodbz22 okay so what you looking for

We are Americans looking to make the move to France next spring.  We are looking into the Beziers district or the general vicinity.  How are the rents?  Are there places to rent at all?   We would be coming from Mexico and prices here are not that great.  One would think differently but near Puerto Vallarta housing is not cheap.  Having spent time in the south of France we quite like it.  The Luberon region is very nice and Provence as well.  Stayed in a hotel for a week in Aix-en-Provence which we liked.  Also enjoyed Arles and Avignon.

Tell us about Beziers.  We'd love to learn.


I'm not looking for anything just to answer questions about Beziers les Env.  as I live here and I am French here

Hello Victoria not sure if you cam help. At present I live in Cyprus and am renting as my business in Zambia has not yet sold. I have friends near Beziers and they say its the best move they ever made. He's South African and she is English.

I'm wanting to rent a rural property with some land for cultivation. Can you advise ???

Regards Andrew Murrin

Hi Andrew. I came across your post on the expats in beziers forum. My husband and I are South African living in beziers. You mentioned your South African/English friends who live in beziers. I'm always interested in meeting other South Africans in the area so if you would like to pass on the info and get in touch with me please do!

thanks and hope you have found what you were looking for.

taryn Moore

Hello everyone, I'm in Provence right now but wanting to visit the Beziers/Narbonne/Carcassone regions as a potential place to live. Does anyone know of any people/communities there who are practicing holistic and also off-grid living? Thank you! Kim



welcome in Beziers I m French and live here near Beziers  and I can To say things to visit


@virginia7260 hi I am considering moving to beziers france. It is important to us that there is an English speaking community there with whom to connect. Would you tell me about your experience?


I speak little english