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Travelling around Bordeaux
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A vibrant and energetic town on the Garonne river, Bordeaux is well connected by rail to Paris - and then to the world - by an international airport which connects to some of the major European hubs. Stretching over more than 50 km², the city has developed a diverse transportation system which even leverages the Garonne river for the swift and efficient transportation of travellers around the city; tramway, bus, water taxis: you name it!

The various transportation options in Bordeaux

The transportation in Bordeaux is striking for its impressive diversity. The following modes of transportation are available while you are in the city:

  • 3 tramway lines: A, B and C which stretch over 58km

  • 100 trams, which constitute the biggest fleet in France

  • More than 70 bus lines

  • 7 night bus lines on the TBM network

  • 1,700 self-service bikes (VCub) in 164 stations

  • 2 water taxis (BatCub)

On top of the transportation facilities, inhabitants can also use one of the 20 parking lots (with around 5,500 parking spaces) to park their car while they enjoy the more convenient modes of transportation available to them.

Tramway in Bordeaux

Bordeaux's tramway system comprises three lines which cover a significant part of the city. The three lines are referred to as Line A, B and C. Line A runs from West to East and crosses the Garonne, Line B starts from the South West and runs all the way up to the North East of Bordeaux, running parallel to the Garonne river for a fair share of the way, and finally Line C runs from North to South. Each of the lines has a large number of stops, making the tramway very convenient. The lines run as follows:

Line A:

Departure: Le Haillan Rostand

Arrival: La Gardette Bassens Carbon Blanc / Floirac Dravemont

Traffic flow: 5 am to midnight (00.55 am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Line B:

Departure: Berges de la Garonne / Bassins à Flot

Arrival: Pessac Centre / France Alouette

Traffic flow: 5 am to 0.40 am (00.55 am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Line C:

Departure: Bordeaux Parc des Expositions/Cracovie

Arrival: Gare de Bègles / Lycée Václav Havel

Traffic flow: 5 am to midnight (00.55 am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

For more information on the stops as well as timetables, please visit the website of Transports Bordeaux Métropole.

Buses in Bordeaux

Bordeaux's bus network is comprised of more than 70 lines which serve both the heart of Bordeaux as well as the wider urban area.

The Lianes (lines 1 to 15) are an essential part of the network and are made up of simple and direct high-frequency routes. Some Lianes are specially equipped vehicles for the disabled. These buses are available from 5 am to around midnight from Monday to Saturday.

Other networks include the Main Lines, which connect peripheral municipalities to the city center, the Corols, which use peripheral routes and avoid the city center in order to help you reach your destination faster, the Citeis which is a concentrated network serving a given municipality, residential or business area, and the Flexo/Résago network which are tailored transportation solutions.

On top of all these lines, the bus system includes local and special lines which allow you to travel deep into residential areas, educational and leisure venues.

Water taxis in Bordeaux

One unique aspect of the transportation system in Bordeaux is the very convenient water taxis, referred to as Bat³. The network consists of two catamarans which serve four routes. These can also bring you directly to 3 tramway lines. The water taxis are available daily from 7 am to 7 pm.

Bikes in Bordeaux

are self-service bikes. The bike park is available 24/7 in the whole area. You can thus go biking anytime you want.

Tickets in Bordeaux

There are a range of ticketing options if you wish to use public transportation within the city. These different options are described below:

Tickarte Jour

Tickarte Jour will allow you to travel by tramway, bus, Batcub and access the parking lots which are close to the tramway network. You can choose from two options: the daily package which costs 4.70 Euros and the weekly package which costs 13.70 Euros.

Tickarte Voyage

Tickarte Voyage will allow you to travel by tramway, bus and Batcub for an hour following the first validation. Several packages are available: at 1.70 Euros for a single trip, 3.10 for two journeys and 13.20 Euros for ten trips.

Tickarte 7 jours

Tickarte 7 jours - Hebdo is designed for people who are older than fourteen. It allows travel by tramway, bus, Batcub and provides access to parking lots that are close to the tramway network. Additionally, the card allows the use of Vcub bikes for a total of 7 days as from the purchase date. It costs 13.70 Euros.

Tickarte - Plus de 60 ans

Tickarte - Plus de 60 ans is ideal for people older than 60. It allows travel by tramway, bus or Batcub either for free or at preferential rates (conditions apply).

Tickarte - Famille Nombreuse

Tickarte - Famille Nombreuse is available in two variants, but at the same price, that is 7.60 Euros for ten trips. You can access the tramway, bus and Batcub at reduced rates if you live in Bordeaux and if you have three children aged less than 18. However, you will lose your right to the reduced rate once your eldest child turns 18. If you live in Bordeaux Metropolis with five children or more, you will be eligible for unlimited access to the tramway, bus and Batcub. As for children younger than 18, they will be entitled to reduced rates as long as three of them are still minors.

Tickarte Parc-Relais - Park and Ride

Tickarte Parc-Relais is ideal for those who wish to park their car in a parking lot to board the tramway. This ticket costs 4.50 Euros a day and will allow you to park your car and enjoy a return trip by tram. If you are carrying passengers (a maximum of 5), they will be able to use the same 4.50 Euros ticket.

Pass Soirée

The Pass Soirée will allow you to move freely with all the means of transport available in the city from 7 pm to 7 am the next day. It will also allow you to park your vehicle in the parking lot of your choice as from 7 pm until closing time. â¬2.40

VCub or V3

VCub or V3 is a bike rental system designed for people over 14 years old. A 24-hour ticket costs 1.50 Euros while the weekly ticket costs 7 Euros. Note that the first 30 minutes are free of charge, but once the ticket has expired, you will pay 2 Euros per additional hour.

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