How to find a job in Bordeaux

Finding work in Bordeaux
Updated 2019-08-14 15:45

Located in the Gironde region of Southwest France, Bordeaux is one of France's largest and most popular French cities - and not just thanks to the exceptional city produced by the region. A port city, Bordeaux boasts astonishing 18th-century architecture which has earned its old town a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, while also offering a warm climate and a vibrant economic landscape. 

Bordeaux is a popular student city, adding to its dynamic atmosphere, while the local labour force is deemed to be one of the most important in the country. As such, Bordeaux is one of the regions with the most qualified workforce and offers a fertile landscape for job seekers.

The labour market in Bordeaux

The unemployment rate in the Gironde region stands somewhere between 8-11%, which is around the average for the country as a whole.

You are more likely to find a job in the following most dynamic fields:

  • Hospitality

  • Healthcare

  • Construction or industry

  • Energy

  • Administration

  • Viticulture (however, in the main, jobs in this sector tend to be seasonal)

Finding a job in Bordeaux

Finding a job abroad can be a quite stressful process, but if you are keen to work in Bordeaux, you can conduct your search in several ways. Note that networking is very widespread in Bordeaux, so having friends and contacts in the city will definitely be of great help. You should also register with the Pôle Emploi, even from your home country, so as to get a better idea about local employers' expectations. Feel free to register with local temporary recruitment agencies as well. Some temporary jobs may even turn into permanent positions. Bordeaux also hosts its own employment portal where you can browse the latest updates.

Professional networking in Bordeaux

There are various avenues for professional networking and job hunting in Bordeaux that could prove useful in your search. Try the Bordeaux Business Network or get in touch with the Franco British Business Association, or try Bordeaux Expats to find people in a similar situation to yours and make connections. English-speaking jobs are regularly posted on Facebook, including the English Jobs International Community page.

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