Moving to Bordeaux - Looking for a job


My name is Mary, I'm Greek and I'm moving to Bordeaux in September.

Could you please recommend me available job positions or websites to check?

I have experience in teaching, social work, journalism and public relations. However, I'm open to any suggestions and new experiences.

I'm fluent in Greek and English.

All the best,
Mary Evangelidou

Hi Mary,

Welcome on board  :)

Perhaps you could drop an advert in the Jobs in Bordeaux section of the website and browse through the websites indicated in the Work in Bordeaux article.

All the best,

Hi Bhavna!

Thank you, I will do that :)


I'm afraid English would not be helpful in France because they are very nationalist and most important they don't know how to speak. Ordinary people... do not speak English.
To be hired you need to speak French, first of all.

English will be helpful for her of course but that is true that not knowing the language of a country where you want to spend your life is not an easy thing. French people speak in English, they do. Depend on who and how?  It is not always perfect but you can at least communicate. French is a hard language to learn so if I was you I will start ASAP.
And for the one who is saying that french people don't, t speak English, I am probably the exception but I am fluent English and Spanish.. Don, t put every in the same bag. Thanks to God there is exception.

Hi there, I’m French and I’m completely fluent in English and Spanish (I’m half Spanish). I've been living in the UK for many years but have friends and family in Bordeaux and in  the South West.
It’s not that French are Nationalistic as such, it's more than your average French person is not necessarily a language wizard. One can’t possibly expect the whole population of any given  country to speak English. Maybe in 20 years time if all kids are being taught English at school from the age of 6,  but till then..not really.
I mean,  in the UK most British people speak only one language. Theirs. It just so happens that English is the most popular language in the world, used at international level..So lucky Brits.
Aside from this, Catherine is correct. If you move to France,you are going to have to learn the language at some point I’m afraid. It’s a necessity to find a job long term, but also to be able to sign contracts, rent properties, pay taxes, understand laws and regulations, and explain to your doctor what’s wrong with you if you are ill ...? Even if you were going as a foreign student for a few months you’d still need to speak to your Dr and buy food+pay rent I guess? ;op
Generally speaking,  If you decide to move to a new country for good/to find permanent work, I think that it'd be better to know the language already a little bit OR  at least  be willing to learn it ASAP once there.  This will enable you to integrate quickly and  make everyday life easier. Well, that's my opinion anyway.. I already had a pretty decent grasp of English when I moved to the UK .(study and travels)
Having said that, now I am a bit stuck too. I was considering moving back to Bordeaux myself due to Brexit,  but my British partner only speaks English (there you go!) and he is not very good at languages so we aren’t sure of what to do and where to go right now..sigh..
Anyhow good luck!

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