Accommodation in Bordeaux

Accommodation in Bordeaux
Updated 2019-08-14 14:55

To most people, Bordeaux conjures up images of vineyards stretching over many kilometres. However, the city has much more than exceptional wine to offer. A port city located on the Garonne river, Bordeaux is also a major industrial hub and is home to companies such as Dassault, SNECMA and Sanofi Aventis and many academic institutions of great quality. With a pleasant climate and warm summers, Bordeaux should definitely be on the list of people seeking French joie-de-vivre.

The housing market in Bordeaux

The bulk of Bordeaux's inhabitants are tenants. This is explained primarily by the availability of housing for rental, as well as lesser pressure on prices, unlike other cities such as Paris where both high demand and speculation play a major role in rent inflation. Additionally, Bordeaux is a student city, and there is, therefore, a strong supply of rental property. If you are moving to Bordeaux with a family, there is also a larger availability of larger houses which are located close to the centre of the city. In fact, whether you are looking to rent or to buy property in Bordeaux, the price per square metre is lower, and for the price of an apartment in Paris, you might find yourself in a larger house - and even potentially with a swimming pool!

The neighbourhoods of Bordeaux

Bordeaux is built on the Garonne river and is divided into two parts: the right bank and the left bank. The left bank of Bordeaux is more developed than that right. Bordeaux itself is an architecturally impressive city, home to the largest square in Europe (Esplanade des Quinconces) and to impressive historical monuments such as the Porte Cailhau. Inscribed on UNESCO's world heritage list, the city centre is rich in history.

According to real estate specialists, most people prefer to move nearer to the city-centre, for instance, to the La Victoire area. Understandably, rent prices increase the closer you move to the city centre, but the size and layout of Bordeaux make it feasible to live in the outskirts while still being close enough to the centre.

Bordeaux Maritime

The biggest neighbourhood in the city, Bordeaux Maritime is a testament to the city's maritime history. The area surrounds the lake, the Parc des Expositions and the Palais des Congrès. It is a particularly dynamic area, thanks to the tramway network, recently rehabilitated water ponds, the Grand Stade and the Chaban Delmas stadium. The area is favoured by many foreigners due to the presence of several companies which make for a well-supplied job pool.

Bordeaux Sud

Bordeaux Sud is home to an impressive historical heritage, typified by its rich architecture (including old factories, warehouses, old workers' housing and slaughterhouses). Local authorities are planning to build an international business centre, along with several other development projects. These will be part of Bordeaux Euratlantique, a modernisation project also nicknamed 'Bordeaux 2030', which was launched following the setting up of the Paris ' Bordeaux TGV line. The project spans 738 hectares and is one of the foremost urban projects underway in France.

Chartrons, Grand Parc, Jardin public

This trio of neighbourhoods constitutes a dynamic, modern and popular offering and is ideal for families thanks to the tramway network, lush green spaces, well-developed public infrastructure and proximity to the river. Chartrons is an upscale neighbourhood with trendy boutiques, famous restaurants, and organic vegetable sellers of the very old Marché des Chartrons. It is also home to the wine trading museum of Bordeaux ' a must-see!

Other areas in Bordeaux

Saint-Michel/Nansouty-Saint-Genès is a melting pot and is rightfully nicknamed 'The neighbourhood that never sleeps'. It is particularly suited to a younger crowd. For a house with a garden, a garage and generous spaces, look at St Augustin, Tauzin or A. Dupeux: La Bastide is another family-friendly area and has a good offering of schools as well as leisure infrastructure. Caudéran is one of Bordeaux's most densely populated areas but is nevertheless a very calm residential area, hosting huge green spaces stretching more than 28 hectares.

Rent prices in Bordeaux

Prices in Bordeaux have increased over the past ten years, but are nowhere near the prices you would experience in Paris. If you are looking to purchase, prices hover around 4,500 euros per square meter for apartments and 4,000 euros per square meter for houses. Meilleurs Agents has specific information about the different neighbourhoods.

If you are moving to Bordeaux alone, you will need to set aside an average of about 500 euros per month for a 14m² room. For more information about the market, make sure you visit a range of online resources to compare and contrast pricing and availability. It is also worthwhile checking with local agencies, especially if you are looking for affordable accommodation close to schools and infrastructure suitable for families. 'De Particulier à Particulier' is an excellent website for adverts from non-professionals, and so is, which offers a very wide range of properties and a very good search capability.

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