Planning on Moving to Bordeaux

Hi all.

Im living in Dublin at the moment but am planning on moving to Bordeaux within the next month. Ive a couple of questions that id really appreciate some feedback on if at all possible.

Im planning on looking for a 6 month lease in a house/apartment but are there any cheap hostels that id be able to stay in for the first couple of weeks until i get sorted?

How have people found searching for accomodation? Id be looking to pay between 300-350 per month. Does that sound at all feasible?

Are there many opportunities for part time work?

Last one then. How straightforward is it to set up bank accounts etc? Do i need a social security number or anything like that?

Sorry if this topic is just repeating questions for others but I would really appreciate any feedback anyone could give


You can try to contact some of the various residences, such as those that belong to Teneo: Teneo
(but there are many options)

They are pricier than private apartments (the cheapest I could find last year was 400EURO), but easier to rent for a short time and even while you are still abroad. Importantly, they may often wave the requirement for having a "guarant" - a local person who would put his/her name on the lease to guarantee the payments. And once in a while they may even have somebody who can actually speak and write English. There should be many available rooms in the summer.

I don't remember the details about the bank, but I think they didn't need many documents, since it was one of the first things that I managed to accomplish.

The documents that are usually needed are the job contract, recent confirmation of the residence (a recent contract or a bill not older than 3 months), passport/residence card.

Thanks very much.

Ive been looking online for the past couple of weeks but havent come across much in my price range

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