A Student's Guide to Clubbing in Paris

Updated 2014-03-19 05:29

Paris is probably the worst city you can go to if you don't have friends and only a guide book for nightlife (and don't speak French). This list is doubtlessly incomplete but is a more than solid start for underground and trendy partying. With this list expect to find, Electro, Indie Rock, Minimal, Urban..that kind of thing. They haven't been categorized because you need to check out the event on the night you want to go.


- Style matters. The best clubs in Paris are usually the hardest to get into. You gotta dress well. When I say well I don't mean your shortest skirt and your highest heels. More skin is not looked well upon in Paris. And it doesn't necessarily mean expensive clothes either but you have to be stylish. If you don't know what that means, get dressed with your hip friends or risk getting rejected.

- Girl to guy ratios are extremely important for succeeding the entry test of a club. Always break your big group of friends into groups of 3-4 and try to have at least 1 female, if not more per group. If you're a pack of dudes trying to prowl these clubs in your walking sneakers or comfortable Moses sandals, they will send you elsewhere.

- Avoid the Champs Elysee at all costs. Overpriced drinks and cover charges. It's where all the tourists flock to be because they do not know where else to go and consequently the local crowd tends to be sketchy and on the prowl for vulnerable English girls. The list below will help you avoid that.

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Social Club (2nd):One of the best in Paris to see the hypest names of electro music such as Busy P, Toxic Avenger, Sebastian. Went there for the opening night two years ago and it hasn't disappointed yet. Given the big names, the crowd can be a bit young sometimes and try-hard. The prices for big acts can be a pricey, 15-20 euros. Still a good time. You can see Social Club in the Lil'Fel Rocks the World Trailer video. Metro Bourse ou Gd Boulevards 142 rue Montmartre 75002.

Rex Club(2nd): Specialized in minimal electro. If you're down with that scene, here is the place to go. Metro: Bonne Nouvelle 5 Boulevard Poissonnière 75002

Showcase (7th): The club under Pont Alexandre III. It's beautiful inside, great crowd, HUGE high ceilings. Dress well. Cover is about 10-15 euros but there is sometimes a guestlist you can get on for free cover. Usually electro music, but they have shows there as well. Saw Kavinsky there and had the most mental experience, check it,here. Metro: Invalides: Under bridge Alexandre III, rive droite

Le Tigre (1st): This place is frickin' cool and one of the only clubs of its kind in Paris. Think Dance Cave (toronto) (indie rock club for drunk students) if it was in a beautiful and classy establishment as well as super exclusive. Rock n Roll to Glam Rock. Expect to hear Arctic Monkeys, Beatles, The Smiths etc. There is often no cover charge, yay, but it's also not the easiest place to get into. "No effort, no entry," is a common motto you hear in Paris. Metro: Pyramides. 5 rue Molière, 75001 Palais Royal

Scopitone (1st): Used to be called the Paris Paris and one of the coolest and exclusive clubs to get into. It has been shut down and re-opened as this concert joint/ club and it's not as selective as it used to be. Saw the Kooks there and it was neat, albeit overcrowded. Metro: Pyramides 5 Avenue de l'Opéra 75001.

La Maroquinerie (20th): Electro, and minimal music. Kitsuné Maison Party was there a couple weeks ago and always has great electro acts. If you're into indie and underground scenes this is the place to be. Metro: Gambetta. 23 Rue Boyer, 75020.

La Fleche D'or (20th): Completely different than it was two years ago. Electro and Indie stuff music mostly but depends on the night. Saw DSL there. Metro: Gambetta. 102 Bis rue de Bagnolet 75020.

Le Regine(8th) : Classy and trendy "it" spot. "The new Paris Paris," it's known as. Thursdays are the nights to be there and they also have events on Sundays. Girls are free and dudes are 15 euros. Steep, I know, but worth it. Métro : Saint-Philippe-du-Roule, 49 Rue de Ponthieu, 75008

Chacha (1st) : Really exclusive, older crowd, classy ambiance. Just re-opened. Metro: Louvre-Rivoli. 47 Rue Berger 75001

1979 (1st) : Release of Breakbot was there a couple months ago. Supposed to be a cool spot, but yet to visit it. Next to Chacha. Metro: Louvre-Rivoli. 49 rue Berger 75001

Le Baron (8th) : Very hard to get into, you better not dare show up in pumas and a wife beater. "It was cooler before all the americains coming to Paris heard it was the hype spot, but still worth the effort," describes one Parisian. Metro: Alma-Marceau. 6 Avenue Marceau 75008

La Bellevilloise : Recommended by my good DJ friend, Zadig et Pomme D'Apy (great djs that throw crazy parties) and it's one of his fav clubs, but don't know too much about it yet. Need to go soon!


For info on cool events and dates check out Parisbouge.com or Die Nacht (easy to use agenda). Also, try checkin' the fanpage of the clubs here that sound interesting on Facebook, they regularly update their events and send out invites.

For more on Paris nightlife and the indie scene around the globe, check out the blog, Lil'Fel Rocks the World.

Written by Felicia Moursalien

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