Accommodation in Toulouse

Accommodation in Toulouse
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Located in Southwest France in the Midi-Pyrénées region, Toulouse is nicknamed “La Ville Rose” (The Pink City). Not only is Toulouse a beautiful city to explore, but it is also very well located for those who love the mountains, and skiing. Toulouse is also relatively close to the western coast of France, with the route from Toulouse to the sea being incredibly scenic and boasting many interesting stops along the way. The clichés will tell you that Toulouse is the land of rugby, stew and sausages, but the city is much more than that – it's an eclectic urban destination, a powerhouse of the aerospace industry, a cultural centre, and home to a vibrant student population.

The rental market in Toulouse

Around 64% of local households in Toulouse are tenants. Rents in Toulouse are quite attractive, especially when compared to other major cities. If you are working in one of the high-tech companies operating in the area, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a high salary combined with a relatively low cost of living. In fact, what you would pay for a small apartment in Paris could very well get you a detached house with a pool in Toulouse. Below are a few examples of what you can expect in the 'Pink City':

  • 14m² room: around 355 euros per month

  • 23m² studio: around 450 euros per month

  • 27m² single-bedroom apartment: around 490 euros per month

  • 53m² two-bedroom apartment: around 682 euros per month

  • Large apartment: around 1,500 euros per month

If you are willing to live outside the city centre, house prices will hover around 1,200 euros per month while a larger villa will cost around 1,400 euros per month. If you are employed in one of the large industrial sites in the city, it would be better to look for accommodation options outside the city itself. Driving around the city and suburbs is pleasant, and Toulouse can allow you to combine the benefits of living in the countryside whilst being in close proximity to a vibrant city.

Neighbourhoods in Toulouse

Toulouse is divided into six major areas, namely Toulouse Centre, Rive Gauche, North-East Toulouse, South East, and West, all including some 30 neighbourhoods. Most of these neighbourhoods are a heterogeneous blend of modernism and historical areas. Do bear in mind, however, that some areas of Toulouse have been hard-hit by unemployment, so whilst the city remains very safe and liveable, there are certain areas which you may wish to avoid, especially if you are living in France for the first time. Some of the residential areas of Toulouse are covered in the sections below.

Toulouse Centre

The Capitole area is the historical centre of the city and is located around the Place du Capitole, where people congregate for significant events, such as football tournaments and cultural events. The rental prices in the area are relatively high. For a more tranquil and affordable setting, head to the Amidonniers, Compans-Caffarelli areas. This area is primarily residential and home to a multitude of restaurants. If possible, avoid the Compans-Caffarelli area, since it is a business area and has many offices and hotels ' there are many more options to choose from in Toulouse, including, for example, the Les Chalets and Saint Etienne areas, where many young professionals live. These are very lively neighbourhoods thanks to their wide offering of restaurants, bars and shops.

Rive Gauche

The Croix de Pierre and Route d'Espagne areas are the most suitable for young professionals who mostly rent their accommodation at relatively affordable prices. Slightly more upscale is the Saint Cyprien area, which has undergone significant development in recent years. The Place Saint Cyprien has many bars and restaurants and is a warm, welcoming area. Other areas of the Rive Gauche have unfortunately suffered from significant unemployment, including Fontaine Lestang, Bagatelle and Bordelongue. There are several social housing projects in the area, and the rental prices are relatively low compared to other neighbourhoods.

Toulouse Nord

The Toulouse Nord area is best suited to those working in the aerospace industry in Toulouse, as well as those who will frequently travel in and out of the city. The Sept Deniers area is directly connected to the Rocade and is only a short distance away from the Toulouse Blagnac airport, the Capitole, the highway and the aerospace hub. Close to Sept Deniers is Ginestous, a residential area where one of the biggest camps of the Travellers community in France is located.

Finding accommodation in Toulouse

As is the case in most French cities, you should probably start your search for housing in Toulouse on the internet in order to focus your search parameters. You can browse general and specialised housing and real-estate websites, as well as online local newspapers, but if you require specific guidance, consider contacting a few real estate agencies as well. Because of the international nature of the city and the many jobs associated with the aerospace industry, Toulouse has many English-speaking agencies. These will definitely help you regarding the types of accommodation available and the best neighbourhoods.

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