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Everything you need to know to work in Toulouse
Working in Toulouse
Toulouse - affectionately known as the Pink City thanks to its historic red-brick architecture - is the capital of Haute-Garonne and the broader Occitane region. Home to World Heritage sites swathed in history, the city is also a popular choice for cutting-edge modern technology, not least aeronautics, thanks to the presence of Airbus' huge headquarters in the city.
The French labour market
Clichés abound when it comes to the French labour market. For some, working in France means perpetual strikes, long lunches fueled by good wine, and an early 5 pm finish. The truth, of course, lies somewhere amid the misconceptions. France is home to some of the foremost companies in the world and workers do indeed enjoy an enviable work-life balance. However, unemployment is high and - as is the case anywhere in the world - getting that perfect job can be a challenge. 
Working in France
For several years, France has suffered from severe unemployment, a situation which has impacted the economic vitality of the country as well as the opportunities available to foreigners. Unless you hail from the European Union or have documentation allowing you to work in France, it is quite challenging to find employment in unskilled or semi-skilled sectors. This, however, is not true for highly skilled individuals, and France is a country on the lookout for international, multilingual staff.
Looking For Work in Deux Sevres ?
At this time of year there are a number of seasonal fruit growers in France who are looking to take on temporary staff. Most notably in my area, the Deux Sevres are the melon and apple producer Rouge Gorge.
Internships in France
France is a culturally rich nation and is home to a wide array of industries as well as some of the foremost companies in the world. The country is therefore well suited to those seeking to gain work experience. Whether your interests lie in the arts, beauty, science, tourism or technology, the system of stages or internships is well established. Some companies offer structured internship programs, and certain institutions specialise in organising internships. However, in many cases, you will need to arm yourself with determination as well as French skills.
Setting up a business in France
The French labour market and business environment are well regulated and structured. For foreigners not used to bureaucracy or rigid procedures, France might seem a daunting place to set up a business, but there are a wealth of entities which can help you jump the hurdles of starting a business in France. Depending on the specific activities you wish to carry out, it might be useful to consult specialists, especially when it comes to issues such as taxation.
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Responsable projet
Charlotte Bienes
Permanent contract
Added on 31/05/2024
USD 75000
Added on 07/01/2024
USD 40
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