How to find a job in Toulouse

Finding work in Toulouse
Updated on 15 August, 2019

Toulouse - affectionately known as the Pink City thanks to its historic red-brick architecture - is the capital of Haute-Garonne and the broader Occitane region. Home to World Heritage sites swathed in history, the city is also a popular choice for cutting-edge modern technology, not least aeronautics, thanks to the presence of Airbus' huge headquarters in the city.

The most promising fields in Toulouse

Toulouse is a number-one choice for those looking to find or further a career in aeronautics in France, as well as the broader technology sector (including electronics and biotechnology), as well as engineering (Airbus has several assembly lines in Toulouse).

That being said, there are of course other very active industry sectors in Toulouse, including:

  • Business Services

  • Personal Services

  • Transportation

  • Trade

  • Hospitality & Tourism


Eurocentre, located in the North of Toulouse, is described as being a 'multimodal' pole and a major economic hub, where both big-name companies and smaller enterprises can be found. Eurocentre marks a substantial employment pool, making it a fertile point of enquiry when searching for employment in Toulouse.

Aside from Eurocentre, Toulouse also hosts many very small enterprises known as Très Petites Entreprises (TPE), which also offer innovative and promising prospects in terms of employment.

Start-ups in Toulouse

The start-up scene in Toulouse is becoming a serious contender for exciting employment opportunities in the city, with some initiatives such as IoT Valley set up specifically to support and promote this growing trend, promoting jobs and incubating vibrant new companies.

Finding a job in Toulouse

It is recommended that you begin your job search online in your home country before you even depart for France. This will give you a better idea of what is available at the time and what skills are most in demand, so you can adapt your CV and cover letters as necessary. Both social networks advertising vacancies and specialised job sites will keep you in the loop with the latest job openings.

Upon your arrival in France, make sure to register with Pôle Emploi, which will provide you with personalised resources for your job hunt. You may want to register with temporary recruitment agencies in the meantime. In some cases, temporary jobs can turn into permanent employment.

You will also find many job offers in local newspapers. Make sure to update your resume and cover letter according to French standards and consider sending impromptu applications - known as a candidature spontanée - to companies that most interest you.

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