Introduction : I've been living in France for a while

Hi everyone,

I've been living in France for a while, I have 2 children and 2 cats.

I look forward to chatting with you,


@clairedyevre Where do you live in France?

I live in Nissan lez Ensèrune but will be moving to Béziers.  However, my question was actually meant for Claredyevre

Hello Claire. I live between Ivry sur Seine in Val de Marne and Algarve, Portugal. I'm mad about cats, children are okay too. I have a really international family and am happy to communicate... and exchange cat stories and pictures.

Have a very nice evening...


Thanks for your message.  I realised I somehow managed to create a thread rather than just post in the area where newbies introduce themselves - oops :)


Spammers have been removed as they don't live in France.

If anyone wants to exchange personal details, please use the DM/PM feature. Just click on the person's name and send the message.


Expat Team

@SimCityAT  - thank you :)

    @SimCityAT  - thank you smile.png-@clairedyevre

Quite welcome