English speakers around Saint Tropez

Hey! I'm looking for some English speakers around Saint Tropez

I am married to a Frenchman and work with the French so I don't need French language lessons or anymore French friends 😉

Just wanting to connect with some English speaking expats 😃

Hi EricaArtez,

Welcome on board !

Saint Tropez is a very lively and have the most fanciest beaches.

I hope english speaking members will reach out soon.



@Bhavna Yes, I love it here ♥️

Hi Erica,

Its nice to meet you.

I'd also like to meet some English speaking expats. Im in les Issambres, just across the bay from St. Tropez. I'm a professional with a grown family and interested in diverse topics & cultures.




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@ecppage Yay!!! I met another English expat who is moving to Sainte-Maxime. Your email didn't show up in your post. I'll private message you.

Hey EricaArtes,

You are right, email is not showing as such information should not be posted on the forum for security reasons.

You can contact the person in private to ask for her contact details. 1f609.svg



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1f600.svg1f600.svg Hi everyone !! I am new to this . I am from the uk living in reims  with my boyfriend.. i would like to know ppl as well  .. i really need a  grip on french because i want to work.. it would be nice to speak to people…


Hi Erica,

I have been here for many years but haven't really integrated in the English speaking community (kids went to French schools etc). I think it's about time that I did!  Have you found any fun anglophone groups to join?

Br Pip


Just realised that you're Elizabeth and not Erica!  Apologies! 

The question remains the same!



@EricaArtes I hope you have found them, Erica. I am looking forward to meeting some English speakers here in Paris. I am still new and trying to learn French. It is challenging.