Any expats around Avignon?

Hello everyone!

I moved to France from Finland about 8 months ago, got married with my french man and settled in the South of France. I live next to Avignon in a little village and am looking for other expats in the area. I miss somebody to connect with about being an expat and sharing our experiences. I have met some foreigners, but they were already so integrated (lived in France over 10 years) that they didn't honestly care to get involved with a newbie :D

The French people are lovely, but sometimes it would be nice to share insights with someone who is on the same boat with me!

If you are on Facebook, look for Long Duck Ladies - it's a group of anglophone women, centered in Montpellier, but I know it includes a few from Nîme, and perhaps Avignon.
I won't be there for a few months yet :-)
Good luck,

Hello, Can't believe that we are on the same boat 😂, married with French man and moving here 3 weeks ago from hongkong but sadly we lived in aix en provance. Let's catch up one day. Cheers.

Hello, Miss Wednesday!

Thank you for your message and welcome to France :) I would be happy to chat about our experiences with you. You are lucky though, because there are a lot of foreigners in Aix en provence :) But it is not terribly far from here if we want to meet someday. I'll catch up with you later!

Hi Madame Manumus,

Lovely to connect! My self and my husband will be relocating from UK to Salon de Provence region beginning February - which is not too far from Avignon.

Would love to meet up when we arrive. My email is xxx

Good luck!

Chidem x

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Hello, Chidem!

Thanks for your message! Would love to meet up when you arrive. Let's keep in touch :)